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Writingalab Review: Everything You Need to Know About It

How often do you face the need to find an essay writing service to help with your homework? It all depends on the number of assignments you receive as well as their complexity level. While some assignments are super easy, others may require all of your time and effort. Besides, a student has to have access to numerous sources to cope with the task.

As for me, I always had problems with the research process. The words of students alone are not enough for the teacher. Tutors expect to see how we dig into the subject matter and work with different sources. They also want to get properly structured essays with the logical flow of thoughts.

Students make many mistakes, and one of the worst habits is procrastination. However, from my own experience, I want to say that sometimes it seems impossible to handle several lengthy essays overnight. With each new year, more and more types of assignments are added. With just 24 hours in a day, I cannot imagine the way to write 50 or even more pages. Besides, while some subjects and specific topics are clear, others are too complicated to understand. Copy-pasting the ready solutions from the Internet is not the best way out. Parents and friends cannot always help, as well.

That is why I decided to find out the detailed answer to the question, “Does Writingalab work?” If you hear this name for the first time, I shall explain how I get it. I have learned from my friend that some online services offer help with academic assignments for students. He specified that while some websites suggest only tips and tricks, others can write complete essays and research papers upon request. One of the solutions that I have found was WritingLab.

I have studied multiple professional Writingalab reviews before I have finally decided to give it a try. Among all tech innovations, I should say that writing services are the best ones. They made my life simpler, and this company in particular. Currently, I use no other services for students. I believe that this team of writers is good enough.

I have been using this website for more than one year. I think that this article is one of the most objective and fair Writingalab reviews as I am their loyal customer who has tried plenty of local services: from a typical high school lab report for biology to an admissions essay for college and even Masters thesis (that was my last order so far as I am a graduate of business school now). I have placed several orders through these years, and I have never received a rejection. It means that this company has experts in all possible fields.

It is pretty challenging to select a writing service that you can trust nowadays. As I understand the problems of students, I decided to add this report to the rest of the Writingalab reviews. I hope that it will be helpful!

Design and Functionality of the Service

You cannot always judge a book by its cover, but a website design may tell a lot about the company. You may tell a fake service from a legal one from first sight. The design is pretty straight and lacks colors, but everything is easy to read and understand. The fonts are very comfortable.

As you can see, most of the sections are dedicated to natural and precise sciences. That is because this writing service specializes in preparing laboratory reports and reviews. Of course, local writers can help with many other assignments. As for me, I always used to hate biology, physics, chemistry, and related sciences. It was a nightmare and a headache for me to create a laboratory report. Everything from experimenting with writing a paper was a real challenge for me.

getI did not even know how to use equipment and instruments correctly.

In most cases, I did not have a partner to work with and share responsibilities. We rarely had something to do on the team. Anyway, even when we had, none of my partners knew what to do better than me. That is why I was excited after exploring the website of WritingaLabReport. I realized that this service is right what I need thanks to the clear design and information provided on the home page.

You can notice the overall service rating and client reviews from the first glance at this website. The footer has all the proves that Writingalab legit. You can find all of the guarantees and licenses there. The website has a huge green button with a phone logo on it that you can use to reach customer support at any time.

You can review the basic works, examples, profiles of writers and many other useful details on the main page. On the right side at the top, you can notice a window with a pricing calculator. You do not have to estimate or guess the price on your own –input the details to get the answer! Other Writingalab reviews that I have seen rate the design of this service high as well.

The Services Offered by This Writing Company

All good Writingalab reviews should contain a short description of services, of course. As I have already mentioned, the company specializes in preparing laboratory reports and other assignments related to natural sciences. You can count on help with other subjects, too, but biology, chemistry, and physics are the primary specialization. No matter which type of report you order, you will get:

  • Research and analysis
  • Structured content, free of mistakes
  • Necessary charts and graphs
  • All the important calculations and interpretations
  • Explanations of charts and graphs
  • Plagiarism report any additional elements (e.g., once I got a free mini-presentation for my class)
  • Positive scores (hopefully!)

So, biology, chemistry, and physics lab reports are the main products of this company. The major Writingalab services include:

  • Custom writing (the writers will prepare your report from scratch)
  • Proofreading (the writers will fix issues with English)
  • Editing (the team will provide specific recommendations for improvement)
  • Paraphrasing (a.k.a. rewriting)

You can also see how many writers are available to work on your order currently, which is very convenient. You will also see the button that will lead you to authors who specialize in other subjects and types of academic writing.

Placing an Order: As Easy as ABC!

That is true: I have never met a service with a more comfortable ordering process! It does not distract you with numerous pop-ups. At the same time, it is easy to find the ordering form. The questionnaire is placed right after the main banner. You do not have to guess which information to input – the hints are all there.

“Is Writingalab reliable?” Once you get an answer to this question, you may wish to place an order to check how good this company is. First, I recommend entering an email address to get special offers. They will help to save money on your papers. After you join the Loyalty Program, hurry up to buy essays. I did this way, and I managed to save plenty of money on my assignments.

When you come to the questionnaire, make sure to pick such things as:

  • The genre of academic writing (except for the laboratory report, you can purchase here everything else: from regular essays to admission essays and even cover letters and tutoring);
  • Academic level (from school to Ph.D.);
  • Due date (they have a calendar to make it more comfortable to choose);
  • Several pages (length of your assignment).

I would recommend placing orders ahead. This way, you will pay less for what you need. After you fill in the form, you will see the total price. It will show up automatically, so there is no need to estimate the fee on your own. If you do not want to pass a registration process separately, provide your contact info while filling out the order form. Email is obligatory, while the rest of the private data is optional.

While providing your instructions, you can select an advanced writer. Then, the team will find an expert from the top team to work on your order. That is one more reason to answer the question, “Is Writingalab trustworthy” positively. Only a reliable service provides access to the personal information of its writers.

How Good Are the Writers at WritingaLabReport?

“Writingalab is it reliable?” A lot depends on the level of staff. I would rate it based on the local authors, editors, and customer support team as I used to contact only those people when ordering my papers. I can say that I remained happy with the overall work of the employees.

The first person whom I got in touch with was one of the managers who asked me to confirm my very first order. Amy was very polite and looked concerned about my problem. She helped to find the most suitable writer who specialized in human anatomy. My first order was a lab report for biology class when we studied our organism and its main functions.

Before buying an essay, I decided to take a look at the profiles of local writers. The catalog includes the years of experience, number of completed orders, and overall rating of the expert based on the feedback from customers. You can also see the degree and areas of expertise along with mini-bio. It is possible to recruit the writer of your choice immediately by pressing one button under the profiled. I did this way two times, and both of them my experts showed their best. I stayed satisfied with my paper.

Requesting Revisions Once the Work Is Done

Are you still asking, “Is Writingalab fraud?” If you need another proof, think about it. A fake service that only needs your money would never offer a free revision. Moreover, the company offers an unlimited amount of amendments during 30 days after the actual delivery. I have tried this option only once – I was completely happy with the rest of my orders.

The second essay that I have purchased needed some improvements. I have almost no time left before the deadline, so I was not sure if the writer will be done on time. I have used my right to request a free revision. I was totally surprised that the changes were made on time, and the final version of my report was excellent.

Original Texts Developed from Scratch

Not all companies that help students are responsible enough to compose unique papers. Once I have tried a service that offered too cheap essays for sale. It was a huge mistake as my tutor detected 15% plagiarism with the special software. Luckily, WritingaLab saved my day: they fixed the issue, making the work 100% original. That was another proof to me that Writingalab a good service.

Teachers are very strict when it comes to plagiarism, and modern tutors also know how to scan papers for duplicate content using various online tools. I know some students that tried to copy-paste texts online, but they were caught. I did not want to risk the same way, so I have asked the service to provide proof that my work is unique. They can send you a free plagiarism report upon request, and it appears that they use accurate checking tools. As I know, most college and university teachers use the same software to scan texts.

All of the papers written by the local writers were more than 97% unique, which is enough at any educational institution. I have also asked to rewrite some texts that I wanted to make original, but could not. Each time I remained satisfied with the job done!

The Quality of Local Client Care Service

There is one more factor that helped me to understand if Writingalab scam. That is the local customer support team. Usually, fake services have no client care service at all, or it works badly. I hate waiting for lines, so I would be disappointed not to receive an answer immediately.

At first, I had to wait only for several seconds to get a reply. The next time it took no more than two minutes. Both times, I was satisfied with the information provided by Tommy and Anne from the support team. Not only they helped me to choose the right service when I was not sure which one I need, but they also assisted in solving an urgent dispute with one of the local writers.

All of the customer support team members were nice to me and very polite. It feels like they know everything about their company, and I could not avoid to mention it in my Writingalab review. After all, I think that customer support creates more than 50% of the image of any company. In my eyes, the guys from WritingaLabReport succeeded with this mission.

They are available without any breaks or days off. It is better to contact them via live chat or phone. I would rate Writingalab customer service 9/10.

Feedback from Other Service Customers (200)

Except for the reviews on Writingalab, it is critical to evaluate the comments that previous clients of this company leave. They may tell you a lot. However, first, it is important to check whether those are real people who post that feedback. Some websites ask their writers to come up with fake, positive comments and trick their users this way.

In the case of Writingalab testimonials, they look pretty realistic to me. Each of them contains both customer and writer’s ID as well as the subject. Some testimonials contains minor grammar and spelling issues. Professional writers could not write them from this company, so I believe they belong to its young customers.

To check whether the team publishes all the comments and is fair enough, I have created three comments: a neutral one, a positive one, and negative feedback. I left all three, and each of them was posted within one day. It means that the local employees do not fear bad comments. They publish everything users think and say about them.

According to their own words, testimonials help these guys to become better just like any Writingalab review. Thus, you can tell them what they lack after your cooperation, and they will most probably add corresponding features.

Is the Service Safe and Confidential?

There is another way to answer the question, “Is Writingalab legit?” A reliable service should be confidential. In other words, it should take care of the user’s private data. A safe website should protect personal information from third parties. That is what WritingaLabReport guarantees to every student who decides to buy a paper there.

Once I have tested the service on my own, I can say that Writingalab safe. They have implemented special encryption codes on their site to protect user’s information. I have not seen my papers published elsewhere on the web as the company claims that once you pay for your order, the final draft becomes your sole property. The local writers have no right to re-sell such essays.

In my Writingalab review, I also want to admit that the financial operations are secure as well. The company accepts payments via VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Discover, etc. I tried several methods, and each of them worked fine. The website is also DMCA protected, so there is nothing to fear when you share your personal information.

Everything You Should Know about the Pricing Policy

The next thing I would like to observe is the Writingalab prices review. That is what every student cares about. I understand it as I used to be a student not so long ago, ordering my essays and reports from different services. I have not found a better place to buy lab reports and some other assignments than WritingaLabReport, even though I cannot call this company the cheapest one on the web.

In the entire academic writing market, you can find many cheap options. Some websites offer $7-10 per one page of an essay. After testing them on my skin, I should say that it’s way better to pay a bit more than to receive low-quality works from people who are not native speakers and do not possess any certificates proving their competence.

I cannot call the initial Writingalab prices the minimum, but I would not switch to another company only because of that. I appreciate the quality of the papers they prepare. Besides, they treat every customer with love and respect. Anyway, the lowest fee is $14.91 per page (if your work is not more urgent than 20 days, and your academic level is a high school). The highest price that you have to pay is $47.04 per page (in case you need it in three hours, and the required level is Ph.D.).

Do Promo Codes Work for This Service?

Yes, and that is exactly how you can minimize the amount you pay! If you are not fully satisfied with the initial fees listed above, do not hurry to leave this wonderful website, searching for cheaper options with bad quality. I would recommend trying promo codes first!

You can get a special Writingalab coupon codes on different websites, including those that post reviews for academic writing services. Also, if you manage to pass the full registration process and subscribe to the official newsletter of the company, you’ll get codes to your email or personal account. Keep in mind that you can use one promo, only once per one user. Do not worry – they update Writingalab coupon every two weeks so that you can count on many discounts regularly!

With the help of multiple Writingalab promo codes and some free options, it is possible to pay less for any work you wish to buy. In the end, you may find out that this is one of the cheapest writing companies for students. At least, I can call it the most generous one.

A Few Words about the Local Bonus System

Now that you know how a Writingalab discount code works, you may also wish to know if there are any other bonuses that this essay company offers. In most cases, promos are the best way to cut off the costs.

No matter whether you use the service for the first time or not, you have a chance to save some money. I used to receive some good Writingalab discounts since my first deal. From a special offer to regular bonuses that one obtains for purchasing local services – those are all good ways to minimize the fees. To get a lower price for your initial order, apply the code you get on the websites with reviews for academic services or on the company’s official page.

As the local employees do not seem greedy at all, the discounts may achieve pretty high levels. Starting from the first order, your bonuses (credits) will grow, and that allows saving more funds. The maximum discount you can count on is 15%, which is more than enough. When applied to huge orders, you will especially feel the difference. Once, I used to save more than $50 on my lengthy thesis! You can ask the Writingalab support for more details.

How to Pay for the Desired Report or Essay

So, you are sure that you prefer to place your order on the Writingalab writing website. I have already shared the basic steps that you should take. Now then, once you reach the stage with payment, you should first think about the system which works best for you.

As far as Writingalab reliable (and I’ve tested it numerous times), it offers only secure methods. At first, I paid using MasterCard and VISA, but then I have switched to American Express. I cannot tell you which of these payment systems is better or more comfortable. I feel okay with all of them, so it is up to you to choose. Do not forget to copy-paste a Writingalab promo code to get your special discount.

The only thing that I can say for sure is that you will not have any problems with the payment procedure. I used to pay on this website numerous times, and I did not face any delays or other issues. That is one more critical point to mention in my Writingalab review.

Money-Back Warranty: How to Use It

To prove that Writingalab writers do not trick customers, the company has initiated several financial guarantees. I have already explained how free amendments work and why they are useful. Another guarantee which made me sleep well is a full refund. It works in several cases:

  • If the writer does not meet your expectations and fails to follow the instructions;
  • If the writer refuses to revise your paper;
  • If the writer is late with your order;
  • If the paper contains mistakes and improper formatting.

In these cases, you can count on the money-back guarantee. I have not used it as I did not experience any force majeure situations with this service. The maximum that I did was requesting some free revisions. In my Writingalab review, I should recommend ordering changes first if you dislike the finished paper. Most probably, your assigned expert will hit the target from the second attempt.

Buy a Report to Check How Good the Service Is

Now you know the answer to the question, “What is Writingalab?” I hope that my Writingalab review is more than complete for you. The best way to check the quality of the service is to place an order yourself. You can check the necessary steps in one of the sections above.

Once you pay for your report or another paper, they will assign the writer to you ASAP (or you can pick the one on your own after analyzing the profiles). All of the papers that I have ordered were delivered on time, and some of them were sent even earlier, so I always had time to look through. That is what I recommend doing in any case so that you know for sure if any free revisions are required.

What Makes WritingaLabReport My Top-Preferred Service

So, why is my Writingalab rating is so high (9 out of 10)? I want to sum up all the advantages of this company that I have mentioned in this article:

  • Reasonable & fair pricing policy
  • Qualified writers, all native English speakers
  • Content is written from scratch
  • Many services available
  • Generous discounts and bonus systems
  • Confidential information guaranteed
  • Free revisions and a full refund
  • Timely accomplishment of orders

That is how I want to conclude my review for Writingalab. Once again, the best way to test the service is to buy a paper from them, so do it whenever you feel being pressed by your homework assignments!