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Writemypaper4me Review 2020: Understand Why This Company Fails Its Clients

This review, as opposed to previous reviews, begins at the start of the company’s well-intentioned entry into the academic writing industry. The website was set up to review and assist students with their schoolwork. At the time, reviews of the site were positive since the commitment of Writemyessay4me was geared towards pursuing quality in the orders that they completed for their customers. Unlike earlier reviews, with each new review that posted, it is clear that has significantly diminished the offerings that once placed them at the top of any potential client’s list of companies to consider. Perhaps the site had to review a keener interest in establishing profits instead of premium services and a positive review from each user.

To prepare this comprehensive Writemypaper4me review, similar to my other reviews, I looked at the challenges that typically face students when they are working on their academic assignments, essays, or reviews. Next, I used their services to review whether their claims of top-notch service delivery were a guarantee that always fulfilled.

Looking carefully at the kind of services I received, I was able to review this company adequately. After all, the theory from reviews and practice are vastly different things. Additionally, I did the leg work to review their solutions to give a vivid picture of the service. This Writemypaper4me review, unlike older reviews, attempts to guide potential clients away from falling victim.

Let us begin this review by looking at what draws customers to websites such as to the reviews, students from various education levels are the typical clients for academic writing companies. In some cases, website administrators and career professionals might turn to such a business for assistance in preparing certain documents, reviews, and content. As mentioned above, Writemypaper4me was initially a preferred go-to place for people in need of assistance in crafting brilliant papers and reviews.

The old positive reviews tell it all. Of course, impeccable submissions help to improve a student’s overall school performance. On the other hand, if you are preparing an important document such as a report for work purposes, then a high-quality paper from will definitely give you rave reviews from your peers and employers.

When it comes to academic reviews, your instructor reviews, and grades numerous aspects. For starters, the structure that you apply to your paper is one of these critical elements of the submission. Reviews from Writemypaper4me show that they understand that if a student is oblivious of the intricacies of structuring different documents, like academic reviews, they may require their assistance.

Similarly, grammar is essential for students looking to advance their instructor’s reviews through an excellently written write-up done by Writemypaper4me. Your instructor reviews the diction you employed in your paper and award grades accordingly. Hence, true to the old reviews, Writemypaper4me was suitable for such clients.

Alternatively, people in administrative or lower-ranked positions in various organizations need to review and work on specific documents every once in a while. Perhaps you need to prepare reviews with help from, but you do not remember how to go about it from what you learned in school. The issue could be correctly structuring and formatting the write-up, a review perhaps. On the other hand, your concerns in writing such documents, including reviews, could stem from a lack of understanding of the correct grammar to use in it. In both these occurrences, Writemypaper4me initially offered clients a reliable source of help for any kind of formal write-up, such as reviews. Nevertheless, since the company has significantly neglected their duties in terms of service delivery, plenty of customers received sub-par assistance from them, as seen from some of the reviews.

Of course, not all of us are in tune with every requirement that should go into significant write-up for either school or the workplace. It would take a time-consuming review of what we learned to get up to speed. For reviews, understands that there are numerous challenges to successfully completing these tasks. Illnesses and a hefty workload are often responsible for a student or a professional needing help with developing reviews, reports, or academic submissions. In any case, customers had to review and find a reliable company in Writemypaper4me to guide them through trying times.

When you review the dip in quality that has been experienced by the clients of, it tells a story of shoddy work, late delivery, no regard for anonymity, unclear policies on reviews, and revisions, and stolen content. The number of customers that they attended to steadily increased. Perhaps it was an oversight from the Writemypaper4me administrator as he or she reviews their capacity to handle all these orders.

It could also be the shift in their policies in an attempt to keep their profit high that instigated this short-handedness in providing assistance to their clients. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Writemypaper4me is no longer interested in ensuring that their clients are satisfied with the solutions they provide. The negative reviews are enough testament.

This Writemypaper4me review, unlike other reviews, will delve into why both new, potential, and current customers should strive to avoid this website for any writing help that they are looking for. I will review every aspect of service delivery on offer at the company. As you would from other reviews, you should be able to discern how is not suitable for offering any kind of guidance.

For starters, there is the matter of academic and formal documents typically need a keen eye to craft. I had an opportunity to review the kind of writers you would find working on completing orders for clients. Ideally, qualifications and experience determine the quality of write-ups, such as reviews, produced by the essayists available on the Writemypaper4me platform.

When I decided to review the solutions provided by, I had to place several orders and wait for their writers to finish them up then submit to me. After I did a review of the papers that I received, I realized that the quality I read about in old reviews of the website was no longer applicable to the current state of the services offered. I did a review of the recruitment policies for new writers looking to join the team at Writemypaper4me.

The company has slacked on this critical front. I doubt recruitment reviews are thorough anymore. I had to place several orders geared towards testing the writing prowess of the writers in different fields to compile this review. Plus, I also had to request different kinds of tasks from them. This was in an attempt to review if the essayists of were capable of an impeccable submission.

I was mostly unimpressed by the quality that I received when I was crafting this Writemypaper4me review, despite the older positive reviews. This only spelled out disregard for the initial recruitment policies that at first ensured that customers had access to review the top-rated essayists. Perhaps the website sought to fill the supply and demand gap by making sure that they had enough writers to fulfill all the orders placed by the ever-increasing client base. Writemypaper4me took in inexperienced and underqualified individuals to continue working on the tasks that were being placed.

The dip in quality cannot be solely attributed to the lack of professional writers found on the site. Upon closer review, the decline in policies that they paid attention to also permeated other aspects of the writing service. In my review, I discovered that the also struggled to keep open and reliable channels of communication between their support staff and their clients.

Moreover, the team that previously took time to review customers’ grievances grew more unfriendly with every question and every review that I posted about how they delivered their services. Their responses got increasingly slow, and I found myself missing a crucial deadline because they took their time to review and reply to my queries about what I received from the Writemypaper4me writers.

After taking the time to review the orders I got back from Writemypaper4me, I found that nearly all of them had significant issues in terms of plagiarism. Of course, academic fraud is severe educational malpractice that schools often review. Some schools even go to the extent of expelling students who commit these acts. For a student like me, Writemypaper4me was supposed to assist me with my challenges in paraphrasing a literature review without plagiarizing it.

Unfortunately, upon review of each submission that I received, I was left thinking that I was better off doing the review on my own. Plus, I received a stern warning from my instructors that the plagiarism level in my review was alarming. They also explained, for future review, that I would eventually be expelled if I continued on that track. I rightfully felt betrayed by Writemypaper4me and the services they promised to give me.

This review, unlike other reviews, will delve into the details of my lack-luster experience while using their solutions. This takes a turn from other reviews. Read on to review all there is about the nature of the service. After all, to get a clear idea, you need both positive and negative reviews.

Writemypaper4me Reviews: The Complicated Design of the Website

This review begins from a Google search for There the current reviews state that you will find the website at the top of the results page. Opening their homepage reveals a cluttered user-interface with information and animations that do not offer an opportunity to review their policies, rates, and services intently.

For starters, the reviews of Writemypaper4me say that the site employs the typical layout found in most writing companies. In my review of the website, I discovered that they allow people to order quickly by placing the order button in a convenient. Additionally, most reviews say you can find a button to initiate a chat with one of their representatives.

Admittedly, the color scheme they use is inviting according to plenty of reviews. Nevertheless, the way they display various programs that they run overshadows the content found on the site. In my review, I was intrigued by the commitments promised by Writemypaper4me. Yet, I found the client reviews to be empty since I was often disappointed. Plus, their sections on frequently asked questions and reviews lacked in the core queries I had about the service. I had to review all of them before talking to the representatives of Writemypaper4me about their services.

Reviews of mention the four different interfaces that various people use on the website.

  • For starters, the reviews talk of a section specially dedicated to the site administrators. It is a platform to manage and review the writers, support staff, and customers.
  • Then secondly, the representatives of Writemypaper4me can review and attend to the questions of clients. Still, the reviews are clear about their sluggish responses.
  • I was able to review the part that is open to visitors to Here, you can view the orders that are currently being done by the writers there. You can access various services, such as their promotions and programs. Also, you can have an exchange with the writer assigned to review your task in this section. This attempts to bridge the gap between the provider and the receiver of the services. Hence, you can clarify the instructions that you had given if they were not understood. Still, even with this helpful Writemypaper4me feature, the essayists managed to produce a sub-par review for me.
  • Finally, writers have their own page where they can receive and review assignments to work on. Perhaps there are issues with this interface, considering that my reviews were always negative. Reviews: Complexities in Placing Orders

According to reviews, placing an order on requires you to follow similar steps as you would on any other writing site. Generally, the process involves providing instructions, selecting specific solutions, reviews of extra services, and making the payment. Below is an elaboration of these phases of making an order on Writemypaper4me. Moreover, I will also review how difficult it is to get your work done by the company. Read on to review more about the broken system in this review.

Writemypaper4me Review: Indicating the Type of Work

There are only three types of work that you can request when placing an order:

  • Writing.
  • Review and Editing.
  • Slides.

Consequently, as the reviews state, this locks out plenty of users who have different kinds of assignments that they require help with. In my case, I first turned to Writemypaper4me because I needed assistance to review math problems. I merely wanted their so-called professionals to review the work that I had done and check if it is correct.

But, with the limited options in services, I could not figure out where such a task belonged. Like the many reviews I read, I was overcharged for this order. It left me wondering if Writemypaper4me did not review the orders placed to ensure that the prices they asked were justified.

Writemypaper4me Reviews on Entering the Order Details

As per most reviews, another aspect that Writemypaper4me overlooked was adding professionals in their target market. Since I was working while schooling, I was selected by my employers to prepare reviews for projects. Admittedly, I did not know how to go about structuring the reviews correctly. When I sought assistance from Writemypaper4me, I was not sure where my task would fit in. Prices are determined by education level, so many reviews were claims of people being locked out. I had to review my options and make sure that I was not charged more than what was required by Writemypaper4me.

In line with numerous reviews, when it comes to adding more details to the kind of extra services you want, the website is not efficient. For starters, the options for communication were quite limited. I was not always close to my email address, and so I needed a way of contacting Writemypaper4me representatives and writers about my order. In my review, I found that the company has lagged in updating their services to go with the current industry trends.

Writemypaper4me Reviews: Russian Writers Fulfil Your Orders

Judging by the reviews, started off relatively well with stern commitments towards delivering quality papers to the students. As time passed, reviews of the site increased due to the growing number of clients. Eventually, a new review would be posted every hour. Consequently, Writemypaper4me started to cut corners when it came to the quality of writers they had to review before they joined.

The typical qualifications that they had to review changed to accommodate essayists that did not meet the threshold that they initially sought. Eventually, it did not matter if you are a native English speaker when they do reviews of the applicants. All Writemypaper4me is looking for is a decent aptitude to review academic assignments.

As a student, I fully understood that the assignments I needed review required in-depth knowledge of grammar. Plus, speaking English as the native language would allow a writer to develop their arguments competently. Moreover, vocabulary is another plus when it comes to how instructors review papers.

Writemypaper4me disregarded these crucial aspects of the industry and went for unqualified writers to meet the demand of the growing clientele base. Eventually, Russian writers found employment on the site. Hence, recent reviews from students on the services offered by Writemypaper4me reflected this change in hiring requirements. Negative reviews have recently become a staple on the website.

In my review, I found that orders on Writemypaper4me are being fulfilled by the wrong caliber of essayists. These individuals, either due to low pay or a reduction in the number of requests, are not responsive when it comes to reviews of questions on the Writemypaper4me services. To me, it seemed like they had other obligations that they attended to instead of working on my tasks. The assigned writers took too much time to do reviews of my requests.

Writemypaper4me Reviews: Revisions Are Difficult to Initiate

Assume you have placed an order with Writemypaper4me. And, a review of the paper you received shows your instructions were not followed. As per client reviews, the solution would be simple—request for a revision. However, does not follow these industry norms.

In my review of their services, I had issues with several submissions. However, the support staff and the assigned writer were slow to do the reviews of the questions I raised. Eventually, the time allocated for the revision passed, and I still had not received a corrected document. I was ultimately late in making my submission in school. Reviews: Plagiarism Free Only on Words But Not on Your Papers!

In any comprehensive review of writing services, plagiarism is a top subject to discuss. Likewise, for this review, I will delve into how Writemypaper4me does not commit fully to addressing this crucial concern. Once your instructor reviews the work and finds that it is not unique, you will be answerable. The severe consequences range from reviews by a disciplinary board to expulsion from the school entirely.

To avoid these stringent measures that learning institutions take, people tend to review a company before they give them their tasks. Similarly, I scoured the web for reviews on Writemypaper4me to check if their guarantee for an entirely unique submission is a reality. Of course, I did find reviews mentioning satisfaction on this front. Still, the best way to find out first-hand is going beyond any review and using the Writemypaper4me solutions.

So, to prepare for writing this review of, I placed several orders to interrogate the uniqueness of their submissions. First things first, I was unimpressed by the quality after reviews of their work. I am a non-native English speaker, and I still found their content significantly unreadable. Plus, the papers Writemypaper4me gave me were heavily plagiarized as per the reviews of the material.

You can review a topic and find that it is quite technical. Thus, it would be difficult to avoid plagiarism in these cases. Yet, the reviews I did showed all the writing tasks I gave to Writemypaper4me were simple. Most of them were standard essays that I could have done but lacked the time.

Writemypaper4me Reviews: The Apathetic Support Staff

If you look at the kind of reviews that are left by people using the website, a clear pattern will start to form—Writemypaper4me has apathetic support staff. I was initially under the impression that some of the reviews I went through were not genuine. So, I took a chance and disregarded the ever-mounting negative reviews to determine their validity as a reflection of the status of their staff. As expected, the review that I ended up writing about the Writemypaper4me team was similarly awful. The following are some of the concerns that I had to review in this article.

  • The options available for communicating with the Writemypaper4me staff are incredibly limited, according to the reviews I checked. While I found alternatives to chat through social media circles on other websites, this company did not give me such options.
  • In line with the many reviews. The response time of the Writemypaper4me team leaves plenty to be desired. For instance, a simple request for clarification took more than 4 hours for them to get back to me. I was happy that the information I wanted to review was not urgent. Otherwise, I would have missed a submission deadline due to the slow Writemypaper4me support. At some point, I had to review the message I sent if it was incomprehensible since I thought that I was the cause of the sluggish response times.
  • The writemypaper4me support team is not friendly, as many reviews state. I felt like the staff does not take the time to review my concerns and address them appropriately. Besides, their responses did not make me feel respected by the company.

Going by the myriad of reviews, I found similar challenges. As a consequence of this genuinely unavoidable fact, my review of the Writemypaper4me team became negative. Reviews of False Testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviews are often a reliable way of interrogating the quality of solutions on offer by Writemypaper4me. However, the question of whether such reviews are genuine is a matter that is tricky to review. You may come across a review that speaks positively about what Writemypaper4me delivers. Alternatively, you could find another review that completely contradicts the positive one.

So, I set aside everything I saw in the myriad of reviews that I went through. I was disappointed to learn that not every testimonial you read is genuine. For starters, I could not understand how so many clients on the Writemypaper4me website praised the website for a work well done. I wrote a review concerning what I found out after receiving their services. This is a terrific way of protecting other potential clients from having to discover the hard way that Writemypaper4me is not legit.

Nevertheless, each negative review that I posted did not appear on the pages of the website. This led me to believe that Writemypaper4me would frequently go the extra mile to ensure that the reviews of dissatisfied customers never saw the light of day. So, I went to other sites that collect reviews from people who turned to academic writing companies. Eventually, I decided to write this comprehensive review. Reviews: Forget About Confidentiality

Reviews of confidentiality to the clients who use the solutions offered by Writemypaper4me are crucial. Of course, these companies conduct their business legally. However, instructors and schools at large do not recommend students review such assistance by Writemypaper4me when working on their schoolwork. Teachers do their reviews on the capabilities of their students through the assignments they issue in class.

Additionally, a student can have an opportunity to review if they are grasping the concepts taught in school. Consequently, these tasks must be completed by scholars instead of looking for assistance. Nevertheless, a student’s life is populated by numerous responsibilities that, at times, become overwhelming. The reviews of Writemypaper4me claimed that their solutions allowed people to engage in other things. As mentioned above, I was working while schooling. I wanted assistance that would keep my businesses discrete. When I review my time with Writemypaper4me, I see my expectations were not met.

I did not want people to know I used their services after reviews were done on my papers. So, I had to check the reviews on Writemypaper4me to see if their guarantee of anonymity was a sure thing. The consensus in the reviews was scattered. Each review I went through contained contradicting information from the last. Since I was losing confidence in reading one review after another, I decided to try them out for myself.

According to every review on this issue, you have to surrender personal information to Writemypaper4me when you request for assistance. Ideally, this data is required to allow for communication between you and your assigned writer. My review of the site shows it does not pay strict attention to this anonymity policy. Reviews of my conversations with their writers showed they had my data. Writemypaper4me endangered my information by making it available to their writers. Review: Understanding the Bonus System

Reviews of Writemypaper4me show that it usually runs numerous promotions to incentivize their clients to continue placing orders. This is a way of rewarding loyal customers, after reviews, while trying to increase your client base. When it comes to Writemypaper4me, you need to review the fine print in their bonus systems first. For starters, they claim to offer each new user a 15% discount on the price they ask for their first order. Personally, I did not receive this discount owing to issues with my request. Perhaps Writemypaper4me did not correctly review my claim for financial relief. A lot of reviews highlighted a similar problem.

I went through numerous reviews of people who had similar issues with this promised perk from using Writemypaper4me. I had to write my own review of this problem, hoping that future users would be cautious about using the services. Yet, nothing was done to that effect. Ultimately, I did not bother writing a review on their site or even reaching the non-responsive support staff. I did not care to review anything else that Writemypaper4me offered in terms of perks. If the reviews I read are anything to go by, the bonuses are tricky to redeem. Reviews: Unreliable Payment Methods

Before you purchase anything from the internet, you must do reviews of the payment methods offered first. A reconnaissance review that is backed up by a thorough internet search could potentially save you some trouble in the future. Some payment methods are geared towards capturing and misusing the information given by the payee. Comprehensive reviews aim to forgo all the problems that may arise.

On Writemypaper4me, I did a review of the payment options they used. I was impressed to see that they relied on the same methods I was accustomed to and trusted. However, I still found many negative reviews on the same aspect.

One of my orders went exactly like some reviews I saw. I logged onto the Writemypaper4me website then I took the time to review the order details I had put. Afterward, I got a writer from them. I proceeded to the last step, which was to pay for the order. Again, I made sure that I did a last-minute review to ensure every detail was correct. As plenty of reviews I saw, after making the payment, I got deducted twice for the order. Worse still, Writemypaper4me support was slow to do the reviews of my request for a refund. Review: Bogus Refund Policy

As with the reviews of Writemypaper4me, the trend is clear—their claims are often contradicted. One such guarantee that I would like to review in this section is their refund policy. When you review the fine print that details the circumstances in which a refund is guaranteed, you will be impressed. Admittedly, Writemypaper4me has fair and customer-oriented reviews of policies that protect them from losing their money.

  • Reviews claim they have a 14-day window to submit requests for revisions.
  • This is done right after you have received and done the reviews of the submission.
  • However, Writemypaper4me does not issue a refund if it reviews and sees you downloaded the file. It is a fair assumption to conclude that the task has already been used by the client.

After my review of these clauses, I was shocked to realize that I would not be refunded even after I met the above requirements. Writemypaper4me reacted just as some of the reviews said—no refund! I simply wanted my money back since the paper I received was not close to the quality I wanted. The formatting, grammar, content, and structure were shoddy according to my review of the work. Nothing could save my paper, so I tried to get my money back.

Still, reviews of Writemypaper4me show that they are focused on revisions rather than refunding their clients. I stated that I had indeed taken the time to review their policies. They still insisted on changing the task. With the submission deadline drawing closer, I had to find the time to do the work myself. This is since the new time limit set by Writemypaper4me was not in tune with my school timeframe. Their inexperienced and underqualified writers had cost me a significant chunk of time, along with my hard-earned money.

Review of Writemypaper4me: Poor Work and Late Submissions

Do not bother taking these terrible risks with Writemypaper4me to review their quality. The reviews on their services paint a picture of despair for clients. According to these reviews, they will not respect your time since most of their submissions are late. This negative review thoroughly highlights the shortcomings of relying on them for assistance. Writemypaper4me has a deplorable mix of poor-quality work and fickle guarantees.

If you are struggling with figuring out the appropriate title or conducting the right research for your task., they are not the company to turn to. This review has covered all the downsides of using Writemypaper4me. For starters, reviews rightfully claim they rely on non-native speakers of English to fulfill the orders given by their clients. In this review, I have addressed why writing expertise is crucial to completing academic assignments. Plus, a well-developed paper is vital for career professionals. They can have the potential to save your grades or even get you better reviews at your job. So, going to Writemypaper4me will not guarantee that you can receive quality papers.

The writers there regularly receive negative reviews about the content they produce and the time they take to do it. Perhaps the low pay has driven them to consider other economic activities to make ends meet. Thus, they take more time than necessary to complete their orders or do reviews of what clients say. Do not get help from Writemypaper4me if you have a tight deadline! Review: Do Not Risk Your Time and Money

To conclude this review, let us recap the reasons why you should not trust Writemypaper4me. Below is a summary of the many issues that I faced when I used their services. Keep in mind that these problems frequently occurred while reflecting a lot of the negative reviews I came across.

  • The Writemypaper4me website is cluttered by a lot of information that is not helpful to the clients that use it. Admittedly, navigation reviews talk about the evident simplicity for younger users.
  • For professionals, the Writemypaper4me website seems unprofessional. Reviews from the professional community hint towards unprofessionalism.
  • I did a review of their bonus system is vague. You might think that you qualify for a discount from Writemypaper4me. Still, a lot of reviews clearly state that they are sketchy in awarding them.
  • I also did a review of the caliber of writers working for the website. Writemypaper4me writers seem oblivious to the structure and format of many kinds of write-ups.
  • I investigated reviews on their late submissions. I frequently received my tasks late with no explanations from the Writemypaper4me. My negative review of this is clearly documented in this article.
  • Their support team slacks when responding to any query or comment made by the clients according to many reviews. Using Writemypaper4me offers a slow back and forth with the staff. Eventually, when you review their answers, you will find them unsatisfactory.
  • Placing an order might result in getting your money deducted twice, as various reviews claim. This is further complicated by the unclear and disregarded refund policies of Writemypaper4me.

So, do not waste your time or money trying to get assistance from these industry hacks. You are better off finding an alternative to the poor state of services on offer here. Writemypaper4me is not the reliable helper it claims to be.

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