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Mypaperwriter Review 2020: Stay Away from Such Services

Several fraudulent online writing services have cropped up over the years to take advantage of students who need academic assistance, and is one of them. For several years this untrustworthy writing service has been offering substandard papers, which often translates to getting a low grade. Even after complaining, they never refund the money or apologize to clients.

This is because they are more interested in extorting money from desperate students than in helping them meet their academic goals. Some will even go as far as publishing fake testimonials in a bid to lure in students from across the globe. Even after taking a client’s money, they don’t just stop there. They often use an unsecured website that puts the student at risk of identity theft, blackmail, or the paper being traced back to the student.

To prevent students from seeking an online writing helper who is also a scammer, I decided to write this comprehensive mypaperwriter review. The review acts as an informative piece to enable a student to make a sound decision to avoid this untrustworthy writing service at all costs.

As a fellow student myself, I know how exhausting it is to find a reliable writing service when the deadline is fast approaching. It doesn’t help matters that sometimes professors give so many assignments that have to be submitted in a short time frame. Some topics are too complex, while some citation styles are just difficult to understand. Because of such reasons, students seek online platforms that boast of having premium writers in every subject matter.

What they fail to realize is such fraudulent services such as mypaperwriter makes false promises and never give value for any money. The importance of opting for a credible writing helper does not end with getting high-quality content to improve performance. The paper also acts as a source of new material that a student uses to gain more information that will come in handy during exams. Additionally, the well-crafted paper teaches the student writing skills, citation style, and how to format such academic pieces. Overall, a student has more to benefit by using a legit writing service.

On the other hand, using an unreliable online helper means trusting someone that doesn’t stay true to their guarantees and that which won’t meet your needs. To find out whether the writers are trustworthy or not, I chose to conduct extensive research and compose a comprehensive mypaperwriter review. To start, I perused the official site to find out more about what services they claim to cover. The writing assistants claims to have amassed expertise to tackle a variety of academic papers, including:

  • Personal statement
  • Research proposals
  • Proofreading as well as editing service
  • Analysis papers
  • Action term papers

While they make bold claims of tackling any subject, what they produce is less impressive. To prove whether what they were promising is true or false, I decided to make an order for a simple two-page essay for a college topic, and they disappointed by the word go. That is why I consider as a fake writing company.

For starters, they did not adhere to the deadline, so I contacted the writer when the time run out. The paper was sent to my email three hours after the timeline, and the structure was off. The citation I had requested was incorrectly placed, which motivated me to check whether the content was 100% unique. Unfortunately, 70% of the essay crafted by writers from mypaperwriter was plagiarized.

Furthermore, there was no transition between the paragraphs, and some of the sentences did not make sense. While the introduction was free of errors, the rest of the paragraphs had several grammatical mistakes.

This made me realize that the writer was not a native English speaker, and no editor crosschecked the work. The mypaperwriter reviews that I came across expressed the same concerns; that the writers are not qualified to compose academic content. Additionally, some of the instructions I had specified were ignored; the paper was not well-researched and read more like a high school essay instead of the college level.

Luckily, I checked the paper before submitting it to my professor, which would have resulted in my work getting rejected, receiving a poor grade, or affecting my credibility. The company claims to professional customer support accessible round the clock.

Since the paper was not up to standards, and from their website, they stated they do give full refunds, so I decided to contact the mypaperwriter support agents. Through the live chat, I sent a message requesting a refund, and the agents replied after 5 hours. They explained that they would look into the matter and did not get back to me again.

My next messages were ignored, so I lost money, yet the paper was substandard. The inability of a company’s support agents to provide prompt solutions or answers is often a warning sign that the organization is untrustworthy and should be avoided, especially when seeking superb content. Samples posted on mypaperwriter site are not well-research, and the content fails to reflect exceptional composing skills. In most instances, several paragraphs failed to make sense or match the academic level.

These are some of the frightening issues that made me write this mypaperwriter review to explain in detail why I consider this accessible service a scam. When it comes to selecting a favorite writing service, testimonials left by customers can be an excellent tool to point out whether or not such writers should be avoided. Satisfied customers tend to leave positive reviews and recommend a particular specialist.

With their writers, that is the exact opposite. The online testimonials that I came across show students who were highly dissatisfied with the services obtained. Most clients state that they did not receive value for their money. Some said the support agents were rude on several occasions, and one even went as far as calling the known service a scam.

Based on reviews provided by unrelated online sites, it’s safe to assume that if one makes an order from the site, there is a high chance of receiving poor quality. Such services give a bad reputation to other reliable and experienced specialists who go above and beyond to ensure students meet their education goals. Such scammers are the reason why some students are still hesitant about hiring online premium writers.

The truth is there are trustworthy writing helpers that match education levels with superior quality. Such writing companies will live up to expectations, and some will even surpass it. They put a student’s need first and compose essays that result in good grades. Unfortunately, is not one of those dependable writing companies.

They fail to deliver orders on time, are prone to asking for several extensions yet charge exorbitant prices that never equate to the quality expected. If a student hopes to use this service to understand better a particular topic, they will be highly disappointed because the writers are not qualified to work on any academic subject. They do all the papers in a rush and fail to cite correctly.

Failure to reference the work has dire consequences in the academic world, with most students getting expelled for copying another person’s work without giving due credit. Facing plagiarism consequences tends to affect a student’s credibility, especially if it was a research paper such as a dissertation or thesis. There is no need to rely on mypaperwriter when the editors and writers are known to disappoint.

Look for writers from other legit sites with high customer satisfaction ratings and several positive reviews. The trick to avoiding scammers is to ask for a draft before paying or reading samples from those specific writers. Reviews can also point to what you should expect from such services. That way, you remain in a good position to make an informed decision on whether or not the service shall meet all your goals. Avoiding unreliable services does not just concern the content quality.

Untrustworthy online writing sites offer the perfect platform for learners to fall victim to identity theft or worse financial scams. What scholars from all levels need to be aware of is that untrustworthy services are not operating with a student’s best interest in mind.

They are interested in exploiting all learners for their own financial gain. That is why it’s essential to read several reviews so that a potential client knows the kind of service to expect. Besides, the desperate need to improve academic performance or learn from an expert in that subject matters often drives students to such fraudulent services where they willingly give out their personal data, which can then be easily exploited by unwanted parties.

That is why this review is designed to make all students aware that by opting for this service, they will not only get poor quality services and substandard papers, but their financial details may fall into the wrong hands. So before you are lured with fake promises, use this comprehensive review to gain more insight into why most students are quick to point out that the hired writers don’t deliver on their promises.

A Website Design: Not Secure or User-Friendly

Do you know that mypaperwriter reviews can help you make an informed decision about this writing company? Many red flags point to a fraudulent writing service. I have outsourced many of my academic tasks to different online writers. Hence, I know those that are professionals and those who are not. So my overall perception about this writing service is not just based on personal experience but reviews and testimonials as well as forums that discuss fraudulent writers.

More evidence continues to show that learners from all levels are becoming victims of fraudulent essay writing websites. One vital sign of an untrustworthy service is designing a website that fails to pay attention to crucial details pertaining to writing. Despite having an appealing appearance, the website is crammed with a lot of information that can easily overwhelm a student.

So while the pages may load fast, a student ends up wasting a lot of valuable time trying to find crucial information such as the price, how to order, and which services they cover. Furthermore, they fail to prioritize friendly user experience and functionality. The interface fails to deliver crucial information logically and efficiently. The content is not organized, and essential details such as writer’s rating and profile were not integrated into the homepage.

Different buttons are not differentiated by color or bold font, which makes it harder to find the information I wanted quickly. Overall, mypaperwriter website fails in various sectors, such as having a poor color scheme, lack of appealing interface, and navigation that’s hard to understand.

Did you know that you should avoid anything that seems too good to be true? The mypaperwriter website is filled with content aimed to lure desperate students. Browsing through the different features made me and our team realize that the design strives for simplicity.

Instead of covering everything related to academic writing and putting it on the homepage, rushed content is what is available. They go further and separate the website into eight links placed at the top. The sign in and order now buttons are located in the right section while the contact information is at the bottom.

The terms and conditions, privacy policy, and money-back policy are also placed at the bottom and clicking on each part directed me to another page. The mypaperwriter website part that I believe is okay is where they display the various statistics about their services.

The Order Process Is Okay, but Still Troubled

With a slow to navigate website design, the order process for this writing service is simple, quick, and straight forward. The aspect of saving time is one of the reasons why students are lured into this company. While the website design leaves a lot to be desired, the quick order process gets a thumbs up. Users access the simple order process on the homepage on the how it works section. As a first time customer, I only needed to follow only four steps to complete the order process, which included:

  • Fill in the simple order form;
  • Make payment using a sure method;
  • Chat confidentially with an assigned writer on that topic or subject;
  • Receive the completed paper.

The first step after clicking the order now button is to sign up for mypaperwriter account. In this section, a client is required to key in their name, valid phone number, and email then accept the user agreement.

The next step is to give critical details about the academic project and crucial instructions that the writer needs to know. In such a section, a professional writer would ask for a sample of the clients previously done work so that they are able to imitate the writing style. This prevents the professor from ever suspecting that another person did the task.

Since this company doesn’t ask for such crucial details, it is easy to see why every review points out that the writers are incompetent. It’s not a coincidence that most students complain that the writers fail to mimic the academic level. Furthermore, reviews from several yet different and unrelated sites point out the same issue.

Despite having a simple order process, I was disappointed that the company because they store personal information collected from the order steps as well as when communicating with the support agents via email, live chat, or phone.

While some reputable writing organizations require a student to chat anonymously to enhance privacy, doesn’t. Clients also have to state their alternative phone numbers and email addresses. Collecting a lot of personal data puts the client at risk of fraudulent activities in case the information falls into the wrong hands.

Aside from the data requested during registration, the service goes further and asks for additional information Failure to provide the requested data may cause the order to be canceled. A legit writing service puts the privacy of the student at the forefront, which is not the case with

Native Writers, but from Russia

Although they have completed writing over 120,000 academic projects, they have only improved the grades of 94%. From the websites, it’s clear that the company was formed recently in 2009, which proves that they have not been in the writing service industry for many years.

As compared to other sites that have assisted students for over two decades, this company has less experience in meeting the needs of students from across the globe. Based on all the reviews posted online as well as the 94% customer satisfaction, this company is less impressive, considering that the percentage of satisfied customers is a bit low.

There is no ample information about the hired writers: no profiles, photos, ratings, or their expertise. Clients don’t get to choose the professionals they want. What if a customer wants to pay extra for a top writer? How do they go about doing that? The information pertaining to the writers is shady, and even after completing the order process, one is not sure if an expert in that subject matter will tackle the task.

The task is simply assigned to a writer, and that’s all a client knows. This means that even when a student has a very complex project that is needed urgently, it’s impossible to tell if has been assigned it to a writer that specializes in that topic. This puts a student at risk of reviving shoddy work. In-depth research from various sites shows that the lousy content composition that has been witnessed by multiple students is because the writing service employs nonnative English writers from Russia.

They haven’t mastered exceptional academic paper writing skills and are not adept at the English language. As a result, the writers from compose papers with grammar mistakes, typos, and wrong choice of words. Overall, the quality of writing was terrible.

Writers Refuse to Make Necessary Changes

It is so frustrating to pay for a paper only to received low-quality content, and even after giving the writer another chance, they refuse to work on the needed revisions. That is precisely what students experience when they order from mypaperwriter. Scholars don’t want to waste time telling a writer what they need to do to compose a high-quality task.

They seek a writing service because they barely have time to complete the assigned class project. Refusing to make amendments is one of the main things that is off with this writing service. By not addressing the issues, it’s as if mypaperwriter believes the needs of a writer should come first before a student.

Uniqueness Is Too Low

From the websites, students are able to tell the year the writing service was started as well as the number of completed projects. Another thing that pops out and which is what lures students to mypaperwriter platform is the fact that they promise to deliver plagiarism-free papers that translates to an A+ grade. But how can a document that is highly plagiarized translate to a good performance? Professors are very strict with the assignments they give and so e even go as far as using modern plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin to identify unoriginal content.

Besides, every college student knows the consequences of plagiarism. However, this writing service doesn’t care about the penalties that students can face if they submit unoriginal research papers. The unqualified specialists from gave an essay that is a direct copypasted from a previously written task on a similar topic that was posted online.

When I checked the uniqueness, it was 15% original, which meant that a bigger portion was plagiarized text with improperly placed in-text citation and a bibliography that did not adhere to guidelines for that reference style.

The mypaperwriter essayist did not bother to change a few words. Instead, they copied a whole paragraph and tried to pass it off as original. Had I trusted this organization, I would have faced harsh penalties that might have resulted in me getting expelled from college. Considering that I paid to get 100% unique paper, it’s quite unfair that they took my money but failed to exceed my expectations or deliver on what I wanted.

Slow Customer Support

Communication plays a vital role in any online business. Efficient communication keeps customers satisfied. However, that is not what I experienced from mypaperwriter. Their support agents are truly slow, and sometimes they take days to respond. I was surprised to find that their customer support is terrible, considering that they have availed several methods that clients can use to contact the team. communication methods are divided into three main categories: for order queries and updates, payment related issues, and new customers. Considering that the communication has been streamlined, it’s disheartening to find out that the response is slow.

Lousy customer service is one of the reasons why this service has fewer return clients and a low satisfaction rating. One review that I came across online even gave the support team a very poor rating stating that if there were a lower rating than zero, they would give this company that. Besides, one is bound to accept the bad review as truth, especially when they are coming from so many people.

Even the friends that I recommended to try this service had nothing but bad mypaperwriter reviews for the support agents. They are barely accessible, yet they claim to be available 24/7. It’s hard to comprehend why this online service has bad customer service, yet most students have access to the internet, which means they don’t want slow services. Speed has become a must-have requirement of customer service, and online businesses that fail to adhere to this will find that their customers seek writing assistance from other sites.

What if customers demand answers right then and there? This service is unable to meet that which is why every review is quick to point out the bad customer service they have encountered from this company. While they may have multiple customer service channels, they are not being put to maximally favorable use. Slow response defeats the purpose of having various communication channels.

They Add Fake Testimonials

There are very few testimonials posted on their website, and all of them are positive. Writing companies that are proud of the services they offer tend to have a unique section specifically set for testimonials. However, this service lacks that. Since most students who have made an order on their site have ended up being disappointed, they only have negative things to say about the whole team. In an attempt to save face, mypaperwriter has gone as far as to come up with fake reviews.

Each review posted has a name and initials of the customer. However, the message conveyed from the testimonials on the website is different from what the majority of students say about this writing service on other online platforms and forums.

One of the testimonials was from a forum where a student wanted to know if the writing service is legit. The question was replied by a former customer who expressed his disdain for the disregard of instructions that the writer had. Another client shared her view and stated that he got a paper with several grammatical errors, and even after asking for a revision, the writer refused to make the changes. So do not believe mypaperwriter testimonials posted on their website as they are fake.

Confidentiality Not Guaranteed

Students seek trustworthy online writing services because they are guaranteed complete confidentiality. The professor will never suspect that the learner gave an expert to work on the assignment. Besides, a secure writing service uses an encrypted website that prevents unwanted parties from accessing personal information. This, in turn, enhances privacy and creates a safe web experience.

Any online business owner has to secure their website to offer complete privacy to all customers so that they know that a platform is a safe place. lacks a secure site which means that there is no end to end encryption that protects communication between the customers and the writers as well as other employees.

Without the added security, the written task from can be traced back to the student who will be severely penalized by the university or education institute. Furthermore, without the added security, malicious individuals can get the private data, which includes transaction details to a bank account, which increases the chances of identity theft, emptying bank account illegally, and making fraudulent purchases.

Don’t want your personal data to be shared with a third party or accessed by unwanted parties? Avoid risking your personal information from falling into the wrong hands by ordering writing assistance from mypaperwriter. They rarely safeguard their client’s sensitive data or use the given instructions and resources to compose a custom essay. While they have added a privacy policy page on their website, it’s mainly for formality purposes, but they don’t mean what they say.

By collecting unnecessary personal data, this company fails to realize that students from across every education level expect privacy, especially when seeking academic writing help. They have also failed to establish security procedures that ensure a customer’s financial information is protected at all costs. Additionally, by allowing their support agents and writers to access personally identifiable information, limits confidentiality, and complete customer privacy.

A Bonus System That Doesn’t Work

While the writing service claims to give a variety of discounts which enable the customer to pay less, I know for a fact that the bonus system doesn’t work. Bonus points are usually given after a customer has paid for the order whereby they can earn 5%, 10%, or 15% off after introducing a new customer. When the customer makes an order using the referral link, then the person that referred the student gets a bonus.

The bonus system looks good on paper, but when it comes to implementing it, the company fails to do so. Before I had completed writing this mypaperwriter review, I had accumulated a bonus of $20, which was enough to pay for one college custom essay. However, I opted to use the reward for proofreading a two-page paper.

Since the price stated on their platform for proofreading service is approximately $9, I was sure that the bonus would cover the service I wanted. When I tried to pay with the bonuses, it wasn’t possible. So I quickly raised the issue with support agents who replied several hours later and told me that at the moment, they were not accepting bonuses as a means of paying for an order.

Payment Methods Don’t Match Level of Website Security

While is quick to point out that they provide their customers with various payment options, the website is not secure enough to convince a person that third parties won’t access their data. facilitates payments via popular methods like PayPal, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. We noted that since they do not offer complete confidentiality, it’s hard to trust them with sensate financial data related to the transactions. I was afraid that if I purchase through their online platform, my data can easily be breached by unwanted parties. This is because for an online writing service to flourish, its cybersecurity protocols also have to be secure.

PayPal looked like the appropriate method to use because the site claims to be PayPal protected. However, using this method also meant putting my data in the hands of an untrustworthy company. One mypaperwriter review that I read was from a former client of this service who expressed the frustration of experiencing fraud after making payment through the unsecured website.

So to avoid the same fate, I decided only to seek any writing assistance from trusted sources. It’s also best to check reviews, listen to opinions from a fellow student, and check refund policies as well as terms and conditions before paying for online writing assistance.

Refunds Are Never Given

If a client is unhappy with the written content, it’s only right that they get a refund. That’s what this writing service wants you to believe. The reality is very different and led me to say that refund policy doesn’t work confidently. By clicking on their money-back guarantee, I was directed to a page that outlines how their refund policy works.

For starters, they claim to give a full refund in case the client cancels the order before a writer has started it. A refund of 70% is provided when the task has been assigned to the writer, and half the deadline has elapsed, yet the student cancels the order. also gives a 50% refund is given if the customer cancels the order after half the time to the deadline has passed. At one time, I paid an extra amount by mistake, so I contacted the mypaperwriter customer support.

The agents told me that they would look into the matter and get back to me in a few days. After a week, I contacted the support again, and I did not receive a reply. A few days later, they replied that the money could not be refunded, but I could make an order for half the price.

So instead of getting a refund, I had to use the funds to order another paper. Various mypaperwriter reviews show that getting refunds from this writing service is quite hard. The company doesn’t care that a student spent their money and expect to get quality content.

Instead, even when the writer fails to other to all specifications, a refund hardly comes by, which confirms reviews that say customers are deceived. This is upsetting to many customers because customer support is quite terrible; therefore, when contacting them hoping to get a solution, they end up being a disappointment.

Expect Poor Quality Every Time You Order a Paper

The only way to prove that mypaperwriter is an untrustworthy writing service is to make an order on their platform. Expect poor quality and plagiarized text. The writers never meet deadlines and editors are not professionals. The whole team doesn’t adhere to a strict confidentiality policy, and they opt to take payments yet deliver substandard content. From their website, the company states that they tackle all topics yet were unable to complete a technical task within the state period.

One reason why students seek online writers is to beat urgent deadlines. However, reviews posted online to express how the writers from this service always ask for unnecessary extensions. They tend to deliver tasks hours or even days after the stipulated deadlines. Such action fails to give the client ample time to check the completed paper and ask for revision. Besides, the editors are not professionals or native English speakers as most of the delivered work has grammar mistakes.

While they offer proofreading and editing for a fee, the content rarely has a professional appearance, which implies that a client ends up wasting money and time.

As for the amendments, the writers take such a long time to change even a few details. The company’s inability to hire native English speakers who are also specialists in their subject matter is the main reason why they deliver poor quality. I did ample research and even tried their services a couple of times to avoid giving an unbiased mypaperwriter reviews. Therefore, I say with confidence, avoid ordering from this service as you’ll receive shoddy work.

Don’t Choose this Writing Service: Worst Academic Writing Helpers in the Industry

Many customers have complained of getting penalties from their universities after submitting papers written by their writers. So don’t wait to be among these students. Instead, learn from reviews and make a sound decision. Yes testimonials may vary, but these are some of the top reason why I consider this company a scammer:

  • They promise to deliver flawless content, yet the papers are unoriginal. This is mostly because they hire inexperienced Russian writers who are not specialists in crafting quality academic essays.
  • Is a trustworthy and legit service? Of course not. It’s a relatively new company in the writing industry. Hence have less experience meeting the needs of a wide variety of learners. It’s hard to compare them with legit writing helpers as they have many bad reviews.
  • Although they have multiple communication channels, the support agents are slow, and rarely do they offer prompt answers.
  • Despite having a refund policy, it’s not active, and many reviews confirm that students never get value for their money.
  • Lack of top writers or profiles makes it hard for a client to know if their task is being worked on by an expert in that discipline. I bet most are cheap writers; that’s why they feel confident to deliver mediocre content.

Overall, mypaperwriter ranks as the worst writing helper accessible in 2020. They barely understand specific citation styles like IEEE, OSCOLA, NML, AAA, APSA, ACS, and many others. Online payments allow students to hire any writing specialists who might have been challenging because of geographical and language barriers. However, the unsecured nature of their website means that the client’s personal data is always at risk from being accessed by unwanted parties.

This makes it easier for the paper to be traced back to the student who might end up getting a penalty from the university. So instead of blindly ordering from this site, read through this comprehensive review to understand why I warn students and potential customers to stay away from this untrustworthy site.

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