As I get on this review of the Essayshark website, I would like to acknowledge all the pertinent factors that have led me here. To begin with, Essayshark started off as a writing service with genuine and good intentions. About a decade ago, the service was established to provide much-needed assistance for students in their schoolwork. In its inception, was committed to delivering quality work to its clientele. As a matter of fact, they were the paradigm of a professional service. Any review of Essayshark from a few years ago is a testament to the excellent way in which they conducted their business. However, if any recent reviews of Essayshark could be trusted, it seems the quality of their service is increasingly diminishing. There may be plenty of factors that are in play. Nevertheless, the shady nature of their current services implies a focus on maximizing their profits as opposed to sustaining their previously remarkable services.

Before I wrote this in-depth review of Essayshark, I had to use the services myself. Typical of the student life, several obstacles hampered me from doing my school work diligently as I was juggling my studies with a part-time job. As you would expect, I could not make enough time to handle a review or essay. I had to do a review of the various options available in the trade, where I came across the reputable Essayshark. I had no qualms with the service at first. Since I really needed the service, the onus was on my side to find out if their services were as good as the Essayshark reviews made them out to be. I believe experience is the best way to learn. After carefully evaluating the services that Essayshark offers, I am in a strong position to review them comprehensively. In this review of Essayshark, I seek to demonstrate why you should reconsider approaching this service if you are looking for quality on your work.

For starters, we need to establish what draws clients to the writing services such as Essayshark. It is essential to grasp how the services came to be and what drives them too. The primary target audience for these services is mainly students, typically from high school and college. In other cases, career professionals may also resort to these services for specific documents or particular content in their fields. When Essayshark started off, it was the ideal service to get excellent papers. This meant that students could rely on Essayshark for brilliant papers that assured them of sterling grades in their courses. For career professionals, they were guaranteed of high-quality content that would be striking to their audience. Plausibly, this is how Essayshark built its credible reputation. In the early years, the company never compromised the quality of service to its clients. Customer fulfillment was always optimal, and clients were irrefutably loyal to the service.

However, I am only in a capacity to review in the line of academic work. There are various elements that an instructor is looking for in the paper that you submit. One of the essential aspects is the structure of your essay. Thus, a learner is required to understand the different requirements of each type of assignment they are expected to handle. Essayshark was aware of this fact, chipping in to help students grasp the different specifications of the specific tasks. Essayshark also developed papers that in a natural command of the language. Therefore, clients were assured that their documents would have proper grammar. More so, ideas would flow systematically and coherently. The vocabulary that the Essayshark writers used would also be appropriate. As such, students were confident in submitting outstanding papers to their instructors. It follows then that students could continually rely on Essayshark assistance for their academic needs, regardless of the scope.

As for career professionals that were seeking assistance from Essayshark, the story was mostly similar. For instance, a professional working administration may have needed to prepare a specific document that was required at their workplace, perhaps a review or a report. For various reasons, some of them were not in the capacity to do it on their own. Time may have been a limiting factor. Or they may also have forgotten how to go about the document having left school years earlier. Essayshark would come in handy in various elements of the writing process, depending on the client. The service assured its clientele of inclusive quality regardless of the specific task at hand. For some clients, it could have been the structure and format of the documents. For others, it may have been problems with articulating their ideas elaborately, hence the need for professional assistance from Essayshark. The service was initially reliable on all these fronts. Unfortunately, it seems that this evaluation is a thing of the past as the service now delivers subpar quality on their work.

Essayshark seemed to understand the plight of the clients that reached out for their assistance. Students and professionals found their way to the service out of necessity. In an ideal scenario, both sets of clients could have done the work on their own. However, things are not always smooth sailing, and some circumstances are simply unavoidable. No student would look to compromise their education by missing the deadline for submitting an essay or a review.

Similarly, a professional may also have immense workload on their hands, thus limited time to handle some of the write-ups. In either case, one may also succumb to an illness. In short, Essayshark sought to bridge the writing gap to ensure that their clients would adhere to their responsibilities by not only getting the job done but also doing it excellently. If you go through the Essayshark reviews in its initial stages, you will find justified praise of the service from satisfied clients.

Depending on who you ask, the drastic decline in quality from Essayshark was somewhat expected. As time went by, the growing reputation of Essayshark increased exponentially. The number of clients kept increasing year after year. The administration at Essayshark may not have anticipated, such as a seismic change in such a short time. They seemingly could not handle a large number of orders that they were receiving day in day out. However, it could also be a change in their mode of operation to factor in the large numbers. Essayshark may have opted to maximize the growing clientele to reap more profits. Whichever way you look at it, Essayshark, as was reputed, is merely a thing of the past. Nowadays, as a client, you have to contend with multiple unnecessary inconveniences. These are the mediocre quality of your work, un-timely submissions, unoriginal work, blurry policies, and an unacceptable breach of confidentiality. To say the least, Essayshark has fallen from grace as is seemingly no longer keen to meet its clients’ demands satisfactorily.

As I write this Essayshark review, I am looking to guide both potential and current customers on the ongoing perils of using this service. I will delve into the different elements of Essayshark that are not suitable for your write-up needs. This review is meant to give you a comprehensive perspective of the service that you are reaching out to for assistance. It would be prudent to have a clear idea of what lies ahead, what you should expect, and just as crucial if Essayshark is still worth your consideration. I will attempt to juxtapose the notions that still exist around Essayshark and the reality of things. I will go at length of the various challenges that I have faced with this service. As you may have discerned by getting this far into this review, I have taken this up as my moral obligation to let you see that there is more than meets the eye.

I have mainly been dissatisfied with the quality of service at Essayshark. For starters, I had to contend with poor quality in the submissions I received. Numerous problems were simply unacceptable in my papers. It then dawned on me that perhaps everything I had read from the old reviews of Essayshark was inapplicable in the current context. Essayshark seems to have lagged in recruiting and maintaining its brilliant writers. The current team has been quite inept at their job, despite the recent reviews of Essayshark claiming otherwise. To be fair to Essayshark, I am not writing this review from an isolated case. I have made more than one more through their service, and the outcomes have been by large similar.

I have taken my time to write this review as comprehensively as I possibly could. I will address all the isolated and recurrent problems that I have encountered. Proceed with this review to have a vivid idea of what you are likely to face as you approach Essayshark for academic needs. Reviews: Navigating the Website Is Difficult

The best thing about is that you can quickly find it by running a simple Google search on the internet. It appears at the topmost of the results list, so customers cannot get lost when they are looking for it. Moreover, the design that uses is relatively simple. It follows the basic structure that writing services employ in their user interface. The typical nature of the site means that people looking to use their solutions can quickly get accustomed to the way the design is laid out.

Unfortunately, the ease of use on the website ends at the simplistic design they have chosen. Of course, features like the quick tour are beneficial. For instance, if it is your first time on the site, and you do not have any experience with such websites, this feature can allow you to learn how to navigate Plus, there is a snippet of the order form found on the homepage. The section is a diversion from the norm of most writing companies—they prefer to place an order form conveniently on various areas of the pages on the website. goes against the grain and tries to capture some details of the user before they take them to the full order form.

Although this seems like an intelligent design decision, scrolling through the website would mean having to go back at the top of the page to initiate an order. Admittedly, has placed the order button in several instances of the homepage. Yes, these buttons can be used to navigate to the ordering form quickly. Still, the design flaw is having to scroll to the specific areas where the buttons still persist. I specifically found it tasking to find a way of placing my order on the website. I had to scroll through just to see the button.

The statistics that flaunts on their website are not to be readily trusted. The figures show that the site has attended to over 100,000 visitors so far. Although this is an impressive number, it is crucial to note that has been in operation for several years. Thus, it makes sense for them to have taken care of the orders they claim. Additionally, the average quality score that they purport on the homepage does not seem to reflect the current state of services offered by the company. Reviews: Placing Orders

Again, the similar design strategy that uses for their website extends to the ordering process they use. This means that if you are familiar with such sites, placing an order would be a relatively simple process. However, for first-time users, like I was initially, the stages you have to complete might come off as complicated. Occasionally, the order button fails, and clients are unable to give their request to Personally, I experienced this issue when it was my first time on the website. Each time I was prompted to enter minor details of my task, the page just reloaded, and I was unable to proceed further.

I heard this complaint from my friends who sought those services as well. Still, they urged me to continue refreshing until I was able to get through. This flaw in the site was something I had trouble getting over. It seemed mostly unprofessional to disregard such a severe problem with the system. At that point, my confidence in the ability of to deliver started to fade away. Nevertheless, I persisted until I was able to get through to their order form.

When you get to the order form, existing clients need to sign in to proceed. For a fist time customer, signing up is the obvious step. To me, this step seemed to eat up plenty of time. Ideally, the process of signing up and creating your profile on the site is quite fast and straightforward. However, if you are working with a tight deadline for your task, this extra step could use plenty of time. When I was preparing to write this review of Essayshark, I checked how their competitors achieve the registration of new clients. I was impressed to find that other sites do not require students to sign up for them to place an order. You simply had to fill in the form with your email address. The companies would then take it upon themselves to send your log in details to your email. Unlike, these alternatives tried to save their customers some time.

Moreover, there are some aspects of their service delivery that they got right. These include allowing first-time clients to select a preferred writer. Although you are new to, you can still go through the reviews of their writers before you decide to find one that you feel suits your writing needs. Reviews: Professional Writers From Russia (Non-Natives)

When your instructor is grading your assignment, they do not focus on your understanding of the subject only. A couple of other elements come into play. Your instructor is also looking to review your writing skills and how you present and elaborate on your ideas. Therefore, having a good command of the language in your paper is vital for excellent grades.

In that case, writing services such as Essayshark assure you that the professionals handling your paper are native speakers. You are thus assured that your review or essay will be delivered in a natural structure. However, it turns out that Essayshark only says this in writing and not in doing. Any review on the Essayshark writers will further cement your confidence in this effect.

However, it turns out that Essayshark is giving inaccurate information to mislead its clients simply. I expected my paper would be written in simple and clear English, where ideas flowed systematically. When I got the chance to review my article, I was utterly astounded at the incompetence.

The paper was mediocre in quality, to say the least. It all began with cumbersome statements that were difficult to understand. The Essayshark writer assigned to my task consistently used inappropriate jargon. Some of the words did not even fit the context of the subject. Ultimately, the paper was incoherent in its entirety.

Upon further review, matters only got from bad to worse. There were several typographical and grammatical errors all over the paper. This was not an issue I would have expected from Essayshark, which was hugely disappointing. Not to mention that the Essayshark writer kept switching from American to British English.

There is no review on Essaysark that mention non-native speakers handling the tasks. I am, nonetheless, convinced that a native speaker could not have handled such mediocre writing. If you are looking for a systematic and logical flowing in your work, then this review should dissuade you from approaching Essayshark. Review: Difficulties in Requesting for Revisions

Revisions are commonplace when it comes to academic writing. Your instructor might request to make alterations of your final submissions. This is especially true when you are working on long and involving assignments such as a research paper or a dissertation. claims to allow their customers to get revisions done at no extra cost.

Ideally, there are procedures that such companies follow when it comes to revisions. Typically, they request their clients to initiate reviews before they download their documents from the site, as downloading means that the work might have been used. Still, Essayshark does not take revisions seriously. Review: The Broken Antiplagiarism Policy

This section of my review of Essayshark goes through the plagiarism policy of the company. This is one of the significant worries that students contend with at school. Hence, it is a significant selling point for companies that provide writing assistance to people. After all, original work is required for any academic submission.

Essayshark understands that submitting plagiarized work is usually tantamount to academic fraud. Institutions of learning are struggling to curb the frequency of these cases among their students. Their response to such instances boils down to severe consequences for those involved. Aside from the casual reprimand that your instructor would give you, students also risk getting poor grades if they are caught. Essayshark, like any writing service, claims to offer 100% unique papers to their clients. However, since plagiarism is a primary concern for customers, most of them are afraid of getting expelled from their schools if they are found guilty.

Most of the tasks that Essayshark assisted me with all had instances of plagiarism in them. Paraphrasing content has always been a challenge that I faced when I was working on my assignments. So, I sought out Essayshark in a bid to save my grades. My instructor complained a lot about my inability to avoid plagiarism in my work. Nevertheless, through their services, I was not able to advance my performance in school. Thus, I cannot recommend anyone to use their solutions as plagiarism seems to be a guarantee. Reviews: Unprofessional Communication and Customer Support

In the digital space, most services have realized the immense value of having professional customer support. This is almost the default for services that stand out from the rest of the crop. It allows your clients to have meaningful and direct contact. Hence, they can review their work quickly and make changes promptly. However, this was not to the case with Essayshark, despite my expectations.

Initially, communication was rather satisfactory. The responses from Essayshark were prompt and competent. This was corroborated what every review said about the support team. However, things seemed to change as time went by. No sooner was I on board that the responses started to take longer, and the period of waiting kept getting worse. I brought this issue up, as an Essayshark review had suggested, but things remained as they were.

Quite unfortunately, there is no other channel of communication with Essayshark. With the lack of alternatives, I had to contend frustrating conversations with support. Unlike what was promised, I sometimes had to wait over 48 hours to get a simple clarification through, leave alone review my work as it progressed. I began to think that every review that praises the support team was disingenuous and painted a false picture of an inept staff.

If you are lucky to get prompt feedback from Essayshark, that may not be the end of your troubles. You are likely to face unavoidable inconveniences and responses that do not meet your requests satisfactorily. The redundant back and forth can be extraordinarily painstaking. More so, you will be wasting plenty of your time on issues that can be resolved quicker.

The Essayshark support team is not particularly friendly too. There is a sense of apathy and unprofessionalism in how the company conducts its business. I was shocked that no review mentions the lack of warmth from professionals whose job is to assist a client satisfactorily. Review: Testimonials Are Not to Be Trusted

Reviews of Essayshark, depending on where you are reading them from, are a mixed bag of positives and negatives. Ideally, these testimonials are supposed to guide potential clients about the kind of services they should expect from the outfit under review. Likewise, I am writing this Essayshark review to offer my two cents on how the company conducts its business. I decided to take this step since the reviews I found often contradicted themselves. You could find one praising the support staff, and the next will talk of their incompetence. It soon became clear that the reviews of Essayshark on their own website are not trustworthy.

The numerous disappointments that plagued my experience on the Essayshark website were carefully documented in their list of reviews. Unfortunately, I was not able to see such negative reviews on their website. I had to turn to other sites that compile reviews on companies that offer writing services. Eventually, I took it upon myself to craft this comprehensive Essayshark review so that clients would know what they are getting themselves into. Hopefully, most of them can avoid the challenges that I personally went through while relying on their so-called premium solutions. Review: Anonymity Is Not Respected

Having your anonymity respected by Essayshark is fundamental to the continuity of using the services offered. It is a fact that such writing companies provide their services on a legal basis. Still, learning institutions are not keen on having their students receive help from the businesses. The assignments given out in school do more than just add on to your grades. When you use Essayshark, your instructors would not be able to gauge how well you understand the concepts that they teach in class. Plus, you might not be aware of how prepared you are for an upcoming exam. So, instructors prefer it if you do not use Essayshark to get your tasks done.

Of course, working on your assignments does get tiresome. The courses you take come with a myriad of responsibilities such as submitting papers and also your group work. Moreover, students turn to Essayshark so that they can get some relief from the intensive workload that is typical for school life. Perhaps you are working while studying. On the other hand, you may have involving co-curricular activities that take up most of your time. Either way, you need Essayshark to help you without giving your information away.

Placing an order on Essayshark means having to give up your personal information for communication purposes. They claim that your personal information is kept private. Still, when I was chatting with one of their writers concerning my order, I was taken aback by the fact that they referred to me using my first name. This immediately made me consider that perhaps they had access to a lot more information about me. Essayshark cannot be trusted with your identifiable data as their policies are not solid enough to ensure it does not leak. Review: Vague Bonus Systems

Essayshark, like most of the writing companies, gives out frequent bonuses and financial incentives to their clients regularly. Such promotions can allow you to place an order even when the price is beyond your reach since the discounts can help you get a better deal. For starters, Essayshark has a discount for any first-time client request. Admittedly, this is a terrific way of increasing your customer base by drawing in new clients to use your services. However, the bonus system they use is vague, and so it is difficult to redeem the Essayshark offers.

The literature found on the Essayshark website claims that recommending a friend to use their services would come with discounts on both your orders. However, when I introduced my friend, I was not able to redeem my perk. When I raised this issue with the Essayshark support team, their slow responses offered no solutions. I was left to pay the full price on my task, although my friend received their discount because they were a first-time customer. This vagueness in how they award the perks made me reconsider continuing to use the website for my academic writing needs.

Essayshark Reviews: Untrustworthy Payment Methods

In this section of the Essayshark review, I will go through the payment methods of the company. When I first encountered the site, I was relieved to see that they had the payment options that I had grown accustomed to. This list included the following methods:

  • G2A Pay
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Pioneer

Initially, I was confident that I would be able to avoid the problems that come with paying for goods and services over the internet on Essayshark. It is no secret that there are dangers of being a victim of fraud when you use unreliable options. So, I was quite confident that this will not be the case on the website. However, when paying for a specific order, I found out that my account had been charged twice for the same task.

I had to review my account to make sure that the funds were transferred to Essayshark because of the order I placed. Raising my concerns with the support team did not bear any fruits. The unhelpful team was sluggish in their responses to the questions I asked. Ultimately, I was not able to recover my money from Essayshark due to redundant back and forth conversations I had with their staff.

Essayshark Reviews: Refunds Are Rare and Problematic

Requesting a refund is a matter that often comes up in the academic writing industry. Of course, we cannot expect that the writers will get the document right on the first time of asking. Essayshark promises to adhere to their moneyback guarantee if the following conditions are met:

  • When you receive your paper, you should not download it until you review and see that all is well.
  • Within two weeks of getting this paper, you must initiate a request for a revision on the Essayshark website.
  • There may be numerous reasons as to why getting the work revised might not be ideal. If you feel that no amount of editing can salvage the state of your task, you can ask for your money back. On the other hand, if you think that the Essayshark deadline for receiving your revised paper is not in line with your own school timelines, a refund makes sense.

I had issues with a research paper that Essayshark helped me write. The quality of the write-up was significantly poor, and the plagiarism levels too high for submission at my school. Furthermore, the support team suggested that the logical thing to do was to have the assigned writer work on the document until it was perfect. Yet, the new deadline that Essayshark set would mean that I miss the submission date for the task.

I found myself having to dedicate a significant amount of my time to do the work myself. Apart from this circumstance being impromptu, I also had to struggle with the typical academic writing challenges that I usually face. So, I requested a refund from Essayshark. Sadly, they were not keen on ensuring that I got my money back for the shoddy work done. Consequently, I lost both valuable time and my hard-earned money.

Essayshark Reviews: A Lack of Quality and Timeliness

You do not need to test out their quality! If this review is anything to go by, the deplorable state of the services that Essayshark offers is not reliable. As mentioned above, the school requires an undying commitment to finish all your tasks on time if you hope to improve your grades. This constant struggle to ensure that your performance is respectable could mean spending a large chunk of your time working on your assignments. With Essayshark, students may be drawn to the website so that they could free up some time to engage in other things. However, due to the shoddy submissions they offer, you are definitely better off using an alternative website or doing the work yourself.

Essayshark boasts of completing all their orders on time. However, this was not the kind of customer experience I had. Often, my orders were delivered way past the deadline I indicated. To make matters worse, the quality I received did not do any favors to my already struggling grades. The Russian writers that Essayshark employs lack the experience and expertise to deliver excellent write-ups. They are oblivious to the correct structure to use in different kinds of academic tasks. Plus, their development of arguments and points leaves a lot to be desired.

Moreover, the pledge of Essayshark to ensure client confidentiality is not strictly followed. The case gets more complicated when you consider the problematic nature of making changes into a completed work. Plus, their payment methods are not reliable. Reviews: Reasons to Choose Other Writing Services

As I hope I have demonstrated in this review, there are numerous weighty reasons why you need to be cautious of Essayshark. I am, genuinely, a dissatisfied customer who has had to go through a lot of unnecessary hassles with Essayshark. It would be prudent of you to reconsider approaching Essayshark for assistance in your schoolwork.

In conclusion to this review, I believe it would be beneficial to highlight the grave reasons that make Essayshark unideal for your academic needs.

  • At first, the layout of the website will undoubtedly pique your attention. As a matter of fact, it cements your confidence in Essayshark as a professional service. Some of the features are much-needed and immensely useful. However, navigation through the website can be quite cumbersome. Some of the features and functionalities are not intuitive, making the process somewhat complicated.
  • The Essayshark writers are not as advertised. You will have to review your work several times and make the necessary revisions before you are satisfied with the final paper. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to handle the task yourself out of frustration — quite a waste of time and money.
  • Communication and customer support for Essayshark can be incredibly slow. As such, it will take prolonged periods to have even minor issues addressed. There is also the likelihood that these adjustments will not be made sufficiently. The back and forth can be tiring and undoubtedly time-consuming.
  • The payment channels can be problematic. In my case, I ended up paying double on a particular order. In your case, you may end up losing your money altogether.
  • The bonus system is sketchy. Despite eligibility for some of the perks and incentives, you might not be granted what Essayshark has promised. It may all be a ruse to get more clients on board. There is also no assurance that you will have your money refunded, even when you raise a legitimate request.

In writing this review, I seek to give you a general idea of what working with Essayshark is all about. If you are considering seeking assistance in your schoolwork, there are plenty more viable options other than Essayshark. Look them up and review them thoroughly to be sure of the way forward. Essayshark is more than meets the eye, and undoubtedly not what they claim to be.