Edubirdie Review 2020

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Edubirdie Review 2020: Learn About Their Rapid Decline

Edubirdie started a few years back with the noble intentions of assisting students with their school work by offering academic writing solutions. Their entry into the freelance industry was initially met with plenty of praises for the company as the services Edubirdie provided were genuinely helpful to the students that sought them out.

However, as the years have gone by, the offerings by Edubirdie have slowly declined in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. In my estimations, this dwindling expertise in assisting students stems from a shift in attitude by the administrators of the website. Now, it would seem that Edubirdie is more focused on making financial strides as opposed to ensuring that their clients are happy with the services they give.

The market for the freelance academic writing industry that Edubirdie occupies is still ripe with potential as students continue to receive numerous tasks to complete for school. Instructors have not let up in their attempts to try to educate their students by giving them assignments that they can finish out of school. Still, this schoolwork is challenging as teachers devise new and ingenious ways of gauging the comprehension of the concepts they teach. Edubirdie had previously been a refuge for school goers to find invaluable help with the assignments they have.

Generally, students who turn to Edubirdie for assistance have numerous challenges when it comes to making sure that their papers are impeccable for submission at school. The academic writing process has nitty-gritty details that each scholar should be aware of. Moreover, professionals may also require assistance in developing certain documents. Thus, the client base enjoyed by Edubirdie is far-reaching as it includes students and career professionals. This influx in quantity of people seeking writing assistance has contributed to the decline of the quality on offer at the website.

The fall from grace of Edubirdie begins at the point when the demand for their services surpassed what they were able to handle. As mentioned above, the outfit had humble beginnings where it aimed to ensure quality in the submissions Edubirdie gave out. This idealistic commitment to service delivery was also complemented by the policies they employed. However, as they had more responsibilities to handle, Edubirdie started cutting corners in the solutions they provided. At that point, the steady dip in quality was evident from the negative reviews that continue to plague the website.

I decided to write this review so that I could document my experiences of using the Edubirdie platform to get academic assistance. I turned to the website because of the various challenges I faced whenever I had a school assignment. English is not my first language, so it was a struggle to craft coherent pieces. Since my grades were already in a tight spot, I needed help to advance my school performance. I found Edubirdie, and I had hope that my days of recording low marks on schoolwork was behind me. So, I decided to start giving them my tasks to handle.

This comprehensive review attempts to address all the vital aspects of service delivery in the industry of writing companies. I took the time to test out all the necessary guarantees promised by Edubirdie in a bid to ensure that my review was thorough. It would be inherently unfair to judge the entire company based on a single task that Edubirdie had done for me. Hence, it made sense to go through their repertoire and intently interrogate the professionalism of the Edubirdie services. On the other hand, this review is aimed at protecting any existing, or even potential customer of the site to avoid the shoddy offerings provided by Edubirdie.

For starters, Edubirdie had strict policies that governed the recruitment process for new writers. Initially, the business focused on securing top writing talent by only considering applicants with advanced qualifications in any educational field. The expertise of their essayists was something that Edubirdie took pride in.

They only recruited native English-speaking writers to fulfill the orders left by their clients. The ability to speak English as your native tongue is crucial in developing arguments, thoughts, and ideas on paper. Additionally, they took the time to test the applicants that wanted to join their team. The writing tests that they issued helped Edubirdie to sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of finding potential essayists.

As time passed and customers increased exponentially, their recruitment process got laxer. In a bid to ensure that they were able to meet the market demands, Edubirdie started to turn to rouge writers from Russia and other African countries to work on the orders. This review will expound on the poor quality of their essayists in later sections. Still, it is essential to note that, as of now, the correct structure of various orders is something that Edubirdie writers frequently get wrong.

The inclusion of these inexperienced and unprofessional essayists has caused a cascading effect on the quality of solutions Edubirdie offers. Aside from your paper landing in the hands of someone oblivious of what is required, the submission you will eventually receive might also be late. Client deadlines are taken lightly by the writers. They take more time than necessary to complete simple tasks such as writing a standard essay.

With Edubirdie, I often had to indicate a deadline that was weeks before the one for school. This preemptive thinking was crucial to getting my papers finished on time. Otherwise, the writer assigned to me by Edubirdie would take their sweet time and, in most cases, deliver my work late!

When I used the Edubirdie services, shoddy work was not the only disappointment I had to contend with. Getting original work is one of the foundations of academic writing services. Students understand the detrimental effects that plagiarized work could have on their school lives. A stern reprimand might be the least of your worries since some school would literally expel students who commit academic fraud. With this in mind, Edubridie still managed to deliver heavily plagiarized content.

Of course, after receiving the unoriginal work, I immediately requested for a revision from Edubirdie so that the unique score of my document would increase. At the time, my grades needed plenty of help because I often lacked time to work on my schoolwork. In fact, this is the primary reason why I decided to turn to Edubirdie for assistance with the assignments I had.

However, I did not count on having more to worry about even after I paid for the so-called premium services that they offer. Admittedly, I struggled with paraphrasing content that I found relevant when writing an essay. Still, my plagiarism score was never as high as it was when I got my submission from Edubirdie.

Furthermore, the complaints I raised with the Edubirdie support staff fell on deaf ears. Merely getting their representatives to respond is a matter that takes hours. It can be incredibly frustrating and disadvantageous if your submission deadline is fast approaching, and you still have not gotten your paper revised. Plus, receiving a response does not necessarily translate to getting your issues resolved.

You still have to deal with the poor attitude of the Edubirdie support staff just to get clarifications on your questions. They lack the warm and friendly disposition that is common with people working in such roles. Perhaps the Edubridie staff is overburdened by the many complaints posted constantly. It could be a fitting explanation of their increased apathy towards the clients.

With each new disappointment promptly delivered to me by Edubirdie, I started to question the testimonials that they parade on their homepage. Each positive review I read did not seem to speak about the kind of services I was receiving. All the talk of high-quality submissions, timely orders, unique work, and a helpful support staff seemed manufactured by Edubirdie. Consequently, I would not recommend anyone to use their services due to the experiences I had as a customer.

This article attempts to educate students and professionals about the dangers of using Edubirdie. There are sections dedicated to highlighting individual service aspects. Read on to find out why you need to steer clear from this website. Students risk getting expelled from school if the company causes them to miss a submission deadline while simultaneously providing a heavily plagiarized piece.

Professionals are not safe from Edubirdie, and they low-quality solutions either. Your job may be on the line if your employers discover that the report you submitted was stolen from somewhere else. Besides, the grammar and structure that the assigned essayists will deliver are enough to make your superiors question your aptitude for the job. So, do not rely on Edubirdie for any writing task. Design

As you may have come to expect from writing services, the design of the website should focus on the user at the other end. It explains why the User Interface design has grown in popularity over the decade. When it comes to Edubirdie, there are two sides to the coin.

For starters, the layout is quite impressive. You will find the design very deliberate and appealing to the eye at first glance. As a matter of fact, there is a sense of professionalism in how well the website is done. also strikes as quite familiar as it shares some similarities with other services. As such, for simple functions on, navigation can be rather straightforward.

Some of the features available on the website are immensely helpful. For instance, the order calculator will be essential to get pricing on your order. All you need to do is fill in some specifications about your order.

  • You include the subject of the paper and any relevant topics
  • The level of education of the course for which you are doing the paper
  • The time in which you expect the paper to be delivered back to you
  • The length that you desire your piece to be.

The calculator does the rest automatically, which is substantially helpful. It is certainly worth a mention in this review.

The order form is also quite straightforward. However, that is where the pomp ends. Navigation on the website becomes tricky as you seek more features and functions on Most users are looking for intuitive navigation where they do not need to rake their kinds to figure out how something works. Edubirdie fails on this front, as opposed to what the review will say.

However, is not user-friendly. The website lacks a feature that elaborates on how it works. Therefore, there might be instances where you are stuck in the navigation, and there is no clear way forward. For most users, this might not be the dealbreaker since the basic features are rather apparent. However, there is always the unlikely chance that this missing functionality might be an impediment to using Edubirdie.

The final straw in the design of the website is the fact that some of the features are simply dead links. It can be disappointing, especially when you are looking to find out more about There is no need to provide links if they do not lead anywhere.

How to Place Order on

Placing your order on Edubirdie is reasonably clear. All that you need is to key in a few details as most services typically require. On Edubirdie, you will input:

  • The instructions for your paper
  • The type of solutions you are looking for
  • Any services that you may require in addition
  • Proceed to pay for the order.

Unfortunately, the options on Edubirdie are quite limited. You will soon find yourself looking at other companies for additional services. You may have problems knowing where to place your paper precisely. In my first interaction with, I was seeking assistance to write an essay on my philosophy course.

Since I was juggling between my study and a part-time job, it was difficult for me to find ample time to work on the assignment diligently. For this specific business, there were really no qualms. It was easy for me to get the particular service I was looking for. The similarities to other writing websites certainly made it easier.

However, it was not to be the case for some of my other orders. On one occasion, I needed the Edubirdie professional to review and edit a paper that I had written for a different course. On the website, it was a bit difficult for me to know where this service fit. There was no individual option that I was confident met my specific needs. As a result, I ended up going with the option that seemed the best possible fit. Unfortunately, I also ended up paying more.

If you are a professional, as opposed to a student, you might also have a hard time knowing where your specific needs will be met fully. For instance, if you are looking to get assistance on a corporate report, you might not find an exact fit on Edubirdie. The only report options that exist on the website seem to be confined to academic work. It might end up locking out a large number of potential clients that are not in the education sector.

The company seems to be stuck in the previous decade when it comes to updating their services as their clientele grows. Whether you are a student or a professional, you will undoubtedly encounter some problems getting access to some of the extra services. The lack of a clear communication channel apart from the Edubirdie customer support will end up frustrating you all the more. Professional Writers from Russia (Non-Natives): Not as Advertised

In grading an assignment, the instructor does not look at your comprehension of the subject only. There are looking at your level of writing and your ability to review and present your ideas. It means that your command of the language is also vital in attaining an excellent grade.

In essence, when you reach out to a writing service such as Edubirdie, you expect that the professionals available are native speakers of the language of instruction. As a matter of fact,, as well as the reviews, assures you that only native speakers work under them.

It turned out to be quite misleading. It may be an attempt to entice you into employing their services. After reaching out to their service, I was somewhat confident that this information was inaccurate. None of my expectations, unfortunately, were met when it came to the command of the language.

I expected a paper that was written in simple and clear English from Edubirdie. It all started with statements that were cumbersome and complicated to understand. The writer assigned to my task consistently used complex words that did not seem to fit the context of the subject. Some of the phrases used in the paper were placed wrongly, and the article was incoherent in its entirety.

To make matters worse, I also encountered numerous grammatical and typographical errors. I would reckon that this is not an issue anyone expects to contend with when they reach out to Edubirdie for assistance. Furthermore, there was a mix-up of both British and American English that was simply unacceptable.

To this, I was sure that my work was not handled by a native speaker, as Edubirdie had promised. Upon further review of my work, it was apparent that my work did not have a systematic flow. The writing was mediocre to be completely honest. As I put down this review, I am undoubtedly recommending reaching out to another custom writing service, as opposed to Edubirdie.

Making Changes into a Completed Work is Hard: Unnecessary Inconvenience on

Edubirdie proved to be quite an unreliable service. The reviews had compliments on the willingness of writers to cooperate with clients midway through the progression of the task. My instructor did a review of the instructions halfway through the submission period. I, therefore, had no doubts that my issue would just be a matter of formality.

The entire process took ages before I could make the changes in the paper. I made a formal request to review my paper. Furthermore, Edubirdie had ascertained there would be no extra charge. Unlike what the review suggested, and it left me utterly frustrated with the service. offers Plagiarism-Free Only on Words but Not on Papers

Every student is fully aware of the repercussions of plagiarizing their academic papers. It is also fully acknowledged by Edubirdie, as they assure you of authenticity on your paper. One is expected to carry out extensive research on the subject and understand it comprehensively and write the paper from scratch. Furthermore, your work should demonstrate a new insight into the matter.

From the Edubirdie website, you are guaranteed that the writer assigned to your paper will be committed to the task thoroughly and diligently. More so, Edubirdie also promises to provide a report on plagiarism if and when you request for it. Unfortunately, this never materializes.

I received a paper that was not in the least bit authentic from Edubirdie. There was nothing remotely related to the custom writing assured from the reviews. In my honest opinion, the writer assigned to my ask cut several corners to get done with my paper. It would seem that he or she simply searched for content that was related to the subject online. It is certainly not what I expected from a service such as Edubirdie.

I took it upon myself to request for the plagiarism report through the website as they have advised. However, my plea went unanswered. In the writing of this review, Edubirdie is still yet to respond to my request. It only goes to show that is aware of its under the table business. It is utterly unacceptable as Edubirdie risks its clients being expelled from their institutions.

Communication and Customer Support is Poor on

All the services that stand out from the pack have one thing in common. They both understand and appreciate the immense value of reliable communication and efficient customer to their clients. It guarantees that clients can review their work conveniently. More so, it ensures that any issues can be addressed promptly and with ease. Oblivious of what lay ahead of me, this is also what I expected from Edubirdie.

In the initial communication with Edubirdie, I had every reason to believe that the service was both prompt and satisfactory. It corroborated what the Edubirdie reviews were saying on their site. Things seemed to take a drastic turn as soon as I had paid for my order. The response began taking longer, and the duration kept getting worse with time. I brought this up, as one Edubirdie review has suggested, but things never really changed.

Unfortunately, with Edubirdie, there is only one channel for communication. You cannot contact Edubirdie through social media platforms or an alternative direct link to the service. With such limited channels, it becomes immensely frustrating to raise concerns that emerge. You, therefore, might have to wait significantly longer before your issues are addressed appropriately.

As mentioned above, when you are lucky to get the responses from Edubirdie, you have to further contend with more unnecessary inconveniences. There is a sense of redundancy in the back and forth communication before you are satisfied with the service. It also happens to be the case when you simply need an otherwise straightforward clarification. There is plenty of your time that will undoubtedly go to waste, and perhaps to no eventual avail.

Customer support leaves much to be desired. The team itself is somewhat unprofessional right from its tone. You would expect that the staff is friendly, according to the several numerous Edubirdie reviews that praise the team. However, you will soon realize that this is all a ruse to make more money rather than offer value to clients.

Not All Testimonials are Real on

Customer testimonials are meant to be the lighthouse that guides you on what to expect from Edubirdie. Ideally, it should be a channel that you can depend on to have a better scope of what value the company offers its clients. As you go through the Edubirdie reviews, you will be confident that you are reaching out to a reliable service. Each review heaps praises on various elements of the service. In no case whatsoever has a client left a negative review.

It seemed a bit fishy in light of my constant frustration with the company. How come all the clients reaching out to Edubirdie were all content apart from myself? That was not going to stop me either way. I, therefore, took my time to write a review about the continued disappointment with some aspects of the service. Potential clients have the right to know that Edubirdie is not smooth sailing, as they would otherwise claim.

It is no surprise that my review did not see the light of day on Hence, it became quite apparent that the Edubirdie ensures that no negative review is available o the website. Edubirdie is falsely painting a picture of something they clearly are not. You, therefore, should also hold all the reviews with a grain of salt. Some of the are simply dishonest.

Confidentiality: Approach with Caution

A writing service should guarantee your confidentiality by default. In this digital age, there are plenty of risks that are associated with privacy. As Edubirdie claims from their websites, they have taken stringent measures to ensure that your information is protected. Your information is not accessible to any third party at whatever cost. You will find more than one Edubirdie review that reiterates this point. Which is why I initially had no qualms with the service.

It is an unspoken truth that instructors do not encourage their students to seek assistance from writing services. However, as a student, different factors may impede your capability to handle your work diligently. In such cases, students may not have any other option but to reach out for assistance from services such as Edubirdie. It is meant to be a confidential service, in the interest of all parties involved.

I, therefore, took my time to review what other clients had said in the confidentiality section of the Edubirdie review. As you would expect, there was not a single review that mentioned anything to do with Edubirdie breach their privacy. There was only a single review that mentioned the concern in passing. Knowing fully well the consequences of the confidentiality being compromised, I sought to seek out the answer for myself.

Previously, Edubirdie had guaranteed that my information would be help discreetly. I was then shocked to find out that the writer assigned to my task had access to my information and details. It was entirely against their anonymity policy, which I did take time to review too.

The ramifications of a service that is not secure are unimaginable for any student. Getting poor quality in your work becomes the least of your concerns. You have to worry if other third parties may also have access to the information. In the worst-case scenario, you may end up getting a penalty from the university or facing expulsion.

How Bonus System Works on

Some of the Edubirdie reviews have gone the extra mile to elaborate on the various perks and incentives available for clients. It seems to me to be another one of the tricks Edubirdie has up its sleeves to attract more clients. As I craft this review, I remain adamant that it is yet another ruse. It is why I recommend that you review their policies extensively before you employ services from Edubirdie.

Edubirdie assures you of a discount on your first order on the service. Unsurprisingly, I was never granted the discount. I still ended up paying the full amount for the order. Since I was new on Edubirdie, I thought that it might have been a technical error, and no one was really at fault.

However, I never received any of the subsequent incentives that were promised by Edubirdie. It was never addressed despite my eligible for a couple of perks.

As I was writing this review, I took a look at any available review to ascertain that I was not the only one. No review mentioned a client being ineligible to the perks. It, therefore, wrote this review in the hope that it will be useful to you.

Unreliable Payment Methods on

In this digital age, there are plenty of scams that are looking to make a quick dime from victims who usually are unsuspecting. The situation becomes more pressing where online transactions are involved. As a potential client, it is prudent to review the channels of payment that a service has to offer. There is plenty more than merely your money at risk. Your identifiable information may also be at risk of ending up in the wrong hands. You, therefore, need to carry out a thorough review to ensure that all the possible risks are mitigated.

Before I sought the services of Edubirdie, I ensured that I had carried out extensive research of all the payment methods that they were recommending. To my delight, all the channels Edubirdie mentioned were reputable. In fact, I had employed some of the channels in different sections, and I was confident that I could rely on them without a doubt.

However, on my most recent order, things went a bit awry. Upon paying for my order, I was deducted twice the amount that I was required to pay. Naturally, I raised the issue with the support team, but no assistance was accorded to me. Going back to the review, no review mentioned such an occurrence. As I write this review, I am still waiting for Edubirdie to get back to me on the way forward.

Money Refund is Hard: Be Cautious with

Edubirdie presents a straightforward policy for you to get your money back. However, they assure you that when you seek their service, you may find this option rather frivolous. The criterion they offer on the Edubirdie website is as follows.

  • You have a specified window after the final submission to present your request.
  • You should also offer a reasonable explanation as to why you are requesting Edubirdie for your money to be refunded.
  • You should not have downloaded the document by the time you make your request.

All this sounds rather sensible as Edubirdie is a business after all. They should take the necessary measures to ensure that they do not lose money frivolously.

In my case, I was dissatisfied with the quality of the paper that I ordered from them. Not only was the writing poor, but the subject was not addressed sufficiently. After I did a review of the policy, I had met all the requirements necessary to make the request. I, consequently, made the request through customer support. My requests were shut down regularly without proper explanations. I finally desired to request them to review my application, but that also turned out to be futile.

All the responses that I have received so far have been quite vague and somewhat irrelevant. A service such as Edubirdie that takes immense pride in guaranteeing professionalism to its clients is going back on its words. I believe this is among the direst unnecessary hassles with Edubirdie that you should look out for.

Ultimately, I did not get my money back. Edubirdie offered to revise my paper until it met my expectations. At this point, I had already lost faith in the service. This review ought to help you tread carefully when you are dealing with Edubirdie and their sneaky affairs.

Don’t Order Your Papers Here: Worth the Reconsideration

Several circumstances will force your hand into seeking out for assistance from a writing service. You might be juggling between school and a part-time job. In such cases, you may not have adequate time to put it the necessary hours at work and make time to write a review or essay. You may also find yourself short on time, with deadlines looming ever so close.

For whatever reason you will need such assistance, you should certainly stay away from Edubirdie. There is simply too much that is at stake. Despite what any review will suggest, the reality of things is entirely different. To begin with, you cannot be guaranteed that your work will meet your requirements to the letter. The quality at Edubirdie has diminished tremendously.

The writers are not adept at their work. Bearing in mind that these professionals are not native speakers, you are contending with a paper that will be full of mistakes. In this review, I have already highlighted how grave the situation can get to the extent that you may have to do some of the work yourself.

Plagiarism should not be an issue for a service with a reputation as Edubirdie has. Unfortunately, that seems to be the status quo currently. It is not worth risking your progress in education after you have worked quite hard to get here.

When you also run the risk of losing your money and having your confidentiality compromised, it would be sensible to keep off. Edubirdie has sadly tarnished its reputation. The incompetent support team simply makes the case more severe and irredeemable.

Reasons to Choose Other Services as Opposed to

As I conclude this review, I believe it would be essential for me to highlight all the reasons that made me write it in the first place. I am a dissatisfied customer who has had to endure a lot of misery with Edubirdie. For the following reasons, you should be wary of reaching out to

  • The layout of the website might be appealing to the eye. In fact, I am confident that it sort of augments what the Edubirdie reviews suggest about the service. However, you will realize soon enough that it is a tad cumbersome to navigate through some features and functionality.
  • The team of writers is unprofessional. You may have to contend with several revisions before you are content with the work.
  • Communication is generally slow. The support team is not enthusiastic about helping you address any issues that you may bring up, which can be frustrating.
  • The payment methods are not trustworthy. You may end up paying more than is necessary for an order or perhaps losing your money entirely for no service.
  • The perks and incentives that Edubirdie has promised to offer are merely a scam. It is all a ploy to get you on board the sinking ship.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get your money refunded if you make the request. You will end up moving in circles before there is a clear way of moving forward.

This review is genuinely meant to give you a clear idea of what Edubirdie is all about. There is more than meets the eye. You should reconsider Edubirdie as a writing service. Seek them alternative options and do a thorough review to be sure. There is no need to waste your time and money. This review offers enough perspective. Edubirdie is not what they claim to be.

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