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Customwritings review 2020: Approach with Caution

There are certain inevitable truths about being a student. Papers and assignments are certainly a considerable part of the latter. Unfortunately, or perhaps not, there are no two ways to go about it. The papers and assignments ultimately contribute to your final grade. As such, you are required to give them due diligence if your academic progression is your objective in school.

Nevertheless, it is never smooth sailing. Numerous obstacles would impede your commitment to the tasks at hand. Such is the life of a student. In such incidents, it sometimes does appear to be bleak. With the advent of academic help services, such as, students can have a fallback plan when things are not mainly working out in their favor.

However, this is never a straightforward process. Some of the services are in to make a quick buck at the expense of delivering quality. It happens to be the case with customwritings. started off a company with good intentions to assist students with their papers and assignments. If you look at any of the customwritings reviews from the early days of inception, the company was committed entirely to providing assistance to students.

Recent reviews, however, tell a different story. The quality of the work customwritings offer for their clients seems to be diminishing significantly. Perhaps their model of operation is leaning more towards making profits than meeting their clients’ requirements.

In this customwritings review, I assessed the typical challenges that students face when they are handling their schoolwork. In my case, I was having a hard time committing to pending assignments, and time was running short on my end. It was, therefore, inevitable for me to seek out a service that could save my stitch in time. is the service I chose to employ as I had heard about it from a friend. From the service that I received, I am in an excellent position to offer an adequate review of customwritings. This review meant to guide you on steering away from a service that might not walk its talk.

Like most other services, customwritings presents itself as a reliable service that can assure you of meeting your requirements. They claim that their standards will undoubtedly match your expectations. As they state in their website, customwritings seeks to serve all your interest with unparalleled professionalism. Customwritings present quite a believable front that can easily convince you to reach out for assistance. On closer review, there is more than meets the eye. has genuinely taken the time to create a compelling backstory. Customwritings elaborate on how they started with genuine intentions to see students get across the line. Customwritings appeal to their audience by highlighting the various challenges that resulted in its inception. In fact, the story can fool anyone who has never interacted with or gone through any external customwritings reviews.

Customwritings will also regale you on their invaluable experience in the trade. According to the website, they have been in the business for over a dozen years. Through this time, they claim, customwritings has been assisting students with their papers and assignments as they hone the trade. I did my own review of the duration of their existence. While it turns out to be accurate, there is a lot to be desired about how customwritings currently conduct their business.

As mentioned above, the customerwritings website can easily entice a student to employ their services. The wording on the website is unmatched and tells a compelling narrative. When you look at the customwritings reviews available on the website, the narrative seems to hold. You will be forgiven if you are convinced that customwritings will meet all your demands. No review casts a bad light on the service. All the clients seem to be satisfied with the service entirely.

Things take a seismic turn when you finally place your order with customwritings. I found this out from experience hence taking the time to review customwriting. Usually, nothing is alarming as you make the order. It is a standard procedure that is like other services. As soon as the process gets ongoing, you will be in for a rude shock.

When I placed my order, I was expecting a paper done to the quality that was promised by customwritings. There had been no doubts until I had to make some adjustments to the paper. For starters, contacting the customwritings support team turned out to be more cumbersome than expected. The process was sluggish, and the responses did not adequately address my concern. I initially thought this was simply an isolated case.

When I finally made it through to the writer assigned to my task, I was astounded, to say the least. The progress thus far was unsatisfactory. The paper had plenty of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that simply did not add up. I believe there is no way a professional writer, who is a native speaker of language could have made such errors. I also found it hard to comprehend some of the sentences in the text.

That was only the tip of the iceberg. The customwritings professional had not followed the structure that I had provided as the guideline to my task. The structure was unsystematic, and the ideas were not expounded elaborately. I began to have doubts about the service, as well as all the customwritings reviews I had come across.

Following this realization, I had to review whether the instructions I provided were followed to the letter. To my surprise, that also fell short. At this point, I had already made up my mind to write a negative review of my frustrating experience with customwritings thus far.

The challenges did not stop there. Unlike what the customwritings reviews on the writers say, the writer assigned to my task was not willing to cooperate. There was a recurrent back and forth that a seasoned professional cannot indulge themselves in. When I raised the issue with the customwritings support, they assured me that they would investigate the matter. Unsurprisingly, this was not to happen.

Finally, when I received the final product, I was taken aback by the mediocrity that Customwritings were delivering. The paper that brought me to this review had no authenticity. Previously, I would have assumed that customwritings follow the standard procedure, whereby the writer assigned to ask carries out extensive research on the subject.

After this, they proceed to write the paper from scratch. Not only was customwritings doing a terrible job at providing assistance but also risking my education. I was surprised that there was not a single review that mentioned this grave breach of professionalism. More so, it was more disappointing that customwritings had assured me of delivering an authentic paper.

Customwritings is undoubtedly a wolf in sheep’s skin. What you see is certainly not what you get. I am confident that you have read the positive reviews that heap praises on the service. Most likely, you are convinced that choosing customwritings is the best option for your schoolwork assistance. Do not be lured into this trap, despite what the review says. It is hard to believe that they are a genuine service when all I have received is unprofessionalism.

If you want timely delivery of quality work, then customwritings is undoubtedly a service that you should stay away from. Considering how they conduct their business nowadays, there is a likelihood of the process taking longer than you have stipulated. You may find yourself caught up in long periods of waiting for responses. Some of them may not even fully meet your requests. This back and forth can be immensely time-consuming. Instead, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be content with the final paper that they deliver to you.

It would hurt for you to lose your hard-earned money and almost get nothing in return. I know the pain myself. I, therefore, took it upon myself to write this review so that you do not end up in the same murky situation that I found myself. Customwritings has proven to be rather sketchy in their dealings. The unfortunate bit happens to be the fact that customwriting had initially started as a genuine company that bridged a much-needed gap.

They were committed to the objective of assisting students and professional to handle their write-ups. If you go through the reports from the formative years, clients were heaping praises on the service. This included the professionals at their disposal, the quality of the work they produced, and the commitment to client fulfillment. Currently, this seems to be a thing of the past. Customwritings is compromising the quality expected from them.

In this review, I would like to highlight all the elements with which I had grave contentions. This review should guide you to make an informed decision and reconsider approaching customwritings for your paper and assignments. I reckon that if I let you in on the tribulations that you are likely to face with customwritings, then you might make a better choice. Design: Not User-Friendly

In the digital age, the design should be centered on the end-under. It is all about making the platform easy to navigate. In fact, most companies nowadays have User Interface specialists who design intuitive sites that straightforward for the users. For all the pomp that follows, this is what you would naturally expect of them. However, it turns out to be a tale of two cities in this review.

As other reviews have indicated, some of the elements have been done well. Perhaps this is a ruse to mislead you on the capabilities of their service. Once you are on their website, you are looking at an attractive layout that seems to be done professionally. It shares a couple of similarities with other writing custom services.

Let us begin with a review of what is genuinely helpful in customwritings. You will find a much-needed order calculator on their website. The feature is particularly prominent, and its functionality is rather clear. It helps to determine how much your order will cost ultimately. There are a few provisions that you have to include to get the total price. These include.

  • The scope of the subject on which your paper is based
  • The academic level of your work
  • The time in which you want your work to be delivered
  • The desired length of your work.

Once you input all the necessary details, the calculator determines the pricing automatically. I found this to be an essential and useful feature worth a mention in this review.

The order form is substantially comprehensive, which makes it rather easy to fill in. The familiarity certainly plays a vital role here. However, the complexities begin as you proceed further. When you are reaching out to a writing custom service, complex navigation is not an impediment you are looking to face. It is where begins to fumble the bag. Soon after, you will have forgotten the pleasant layout that drew you there in the first place.

Unfortunately, does not have a feature that elaborates on how it works. For most people, this is no cause for alarm, as the website is easy to use. In my case, as I reiterate in this review, this was a red flag. My concern was augmented by the fact that almost all the reviews available were positive. It came across as a ploy to build confidence in otherwise unsuspecting clients.

How to Place Order: Yet Another Ruse

Making an order on customwritings requires you to follow similar steps as you would on any other writing service. Usually, the process entails providing instructions, choosing specific solutions, extra services, and proceed to pay for the service. The illustration below shows some of these phases of making an order on customwritings. Moreover, I will also review how difficult it is to get your work done by the company. Proceed further to see more about the faulty system in this review.

The options are quite limited with customwritings. It locks out plenty of users who have different kinds of assignments in which they require assistance. In my case, I first turned to customwritings since I needed help with history problems. I merely wanted their so-called professionals to review the work that I had done and check if it is correct.

But, with the limited options in services, I could not figure out where such a task belonged. Consequently, it was easy for me to end up paying much more than I was necessary. It left me wondering if customwritings did not review the orders placed to ensure that the prices they asked were justified.

Another aspect that customwritings overlooked was not including professionals in their target market. As mentioned above, writing formal documents is not solely reserved for students. At the time, I was looking for assistance with my academic work I was concurrently working on. I was selected by my employers to prepare a report. Admittedly, I did not know how to go about structuring and to format the work correctly.

When I sought assistance from customwritings, I was not sure where my task would fit in. The only options available on their order form consisted of education levels as a basis to determine the cost of the order. It means that clients like me were undeniably locked out. I had to review my options and make sure that I was not charged more than what was required by customwritings.

When it comes to adding more details to the kind of extra services you want, the website is not efficient. For starters, the options for communication were quite limited. I was not always close to my email address, and so I needed a way of contacting customwritings representatives and writers about my order. In my review, I found the company lagged behind in updating their services with current trends in the industry.

Be Wary of Professional Writers from Russia (Non-Natives) on

Grading assignments is not limited to your comprehension of the subject that the instructor is testing. Part of the assessment goes to your command of the language and how well you present your ideas. Your work should, preferably, be handled by a professional who is a native speaker of the language. It is where reviews become misleading.

In their website, customwritings guarantee you that your work is handled by a native speaker, perhaps to lure you more into the entrapment. In my experience, I have serious concerns that this information is inaccurate. My expectation before writing this review was that my work would be written in simple English. Furthermore, I expected the ideas to be articulated coherently.

However, what I got from customwritings was nothing close to my expectations. It started with statements that were genuinely cumbersome to comprehend. There was repetitive use of complicated jargon that made the work unclear to whoever was reading. I was taken aback by the occurrences of lexical errors. I still do not understand why some words that did not seem to fit contextually were used in the paper.

The plight did not end there. I also encountered several typographical and grammatical errors. It is not an issue I thought I would contend with from customwritings. More so, my paper had a mix of both American and British English. If any of the review is anything to go by, this was utterly unacceptable.

Inevitably, it opened a can of worms, whereby I am sure that the work was not handled by native English speakers. My paper lacked a systematic and logical flow of ideas. The writing itself was incredibly lacking. As I write this review, I am highly recommending seeking any other writing custom service other than

Making Changes into a Completed Work is Hard: Arduous Back and Forth

Customwritings is not a reliable entity. Midway through writing my paper, I received additional instructions from my instructor that had to be included in the paper. In the reviews, various clients have mentioned the willingness of the professional to cooperate during the writing process. Unfortunately, it was not the case for me.

The process itself took longer than I expected. I requested to review my work, and I was assured that it would be handled promptly. More so, customwritings guaranteed that it would be at no additional cost. As you would expect from this review, I was thoroughly disappointed. Offers Plagiarism-Free Only on Words but Not on Your Papers

Any student is well aware of the consequences of submitting plagiarized academic papers. As a matter of fact, so does customwritings, as they explicitly guarantee you of originality in your paper. When an instructor provides an assignment, they expect thorough research on the subject. Furthermore, they recommend writing a paper from scratch. Your work should always present a novel perspective on the topic at hand.

The website assures you that their professional will work on your paper diligently. They go ahead and promise to deliver a plagiarism report whenever you require it. It turns out that this is only to entice customers and maximize their profits.

My paper did not reflect any originality whatsoever. As far as I am concerned, there was no custom writing. It would seem that the writer assigned to my task simply searched for relevant content on the subject and pasted it as the original. There was minimal effort to paraphrase. I ran my work through a plagiarism tool, and the result was astounding, hence confirming my suspicion.

I went ahead to request for a plagiarism report through their website. My request must have fallen on deaf ears. As I write this review, I am yet to receive it. It is quite apparent why customwritings are unable to deliver the plagiarism report, nonetheless. The uniqueness that they promise to deliver is nothing but a scam. A reputable service, as customwritings claims to be, should not compromise your academic progression. It is absolutely unacceptable.

Poor Communication and Customer Support

Any business that seeks to stand out from the rest knows the value of communication and customer support to its clients. It ensures that customers can raise concerns with ease as soon as they arise. It also guarantees that changes are also made promptly. It is the hallmark of a writing custom service that seeks to offer comprehensive assistance to students.

When you reach out to customwritings, the responses are prompt to a great deal of your satisfaction. It was clear from the customwritings reviews that were available on their website. However, as soon as I made the payment, communication ceased to be as efficient. Responses would take longer than previously stated. Even after bringing this up, my concerns were still not addressed sufficiently.

Unlike other services where you can contact the support team through their social media platforms, customwritings is limited on this front, having just one platform to raise any emerging issues incredibly frustrating. At one point, I even thought the problem was on my end since I was not receiving notifications as I would have anticipated.

The responses, furthermore, leave a lot to be desired. It would be impractical to write this review without mentioning how cumbersome the entire process is. There is a redundant back and forth with the support team for what I thought would be a straightforward clarification. It resulted in a lot of time wastage and continually having to review what I sent in the event the fault was on my side.

There is also a genuine concern that the support team is not particularly friendly. There is a specific tone that one is accustomed to expect from a such as a service. Not to mention that my contentions were not addressed appropriately., contrary to their own staff review, are lacking in this department.

Not All Testimonials are Real on

Customer testimonials are ideal a sneak peek to what value a company offers to its clients. It is arguably a reliable way to evaluate the commitment of the company to deliver quality. You might be fooled to believe that every customwritings review you come across on their website is genuine. I took the time to go through each review. In none of them did a client make any negative comments about the company. Considering my frustration with the service, this was highly unlikely.

It did not take long before I realized what was going on with customwritings. There was no way all these clients were heaping praises for the company, yet I was receiving quite the contrary. I took my time to write a review that addressed all the trouble I had to go through with customwritings. I felt the moral obligation to protect potential customers from finding themselves in a similar murky situation.

To my dismay, the negative review never made it to It would seem that the service goes the extra mile to ensure that negative reviews are not available on their website. It only goes to show that the customwritings reviews posted on their website are plausibly disingenuous.

Confidentiality (Service is Not Secure): Use at Your Own Risk

Confidentiality is one of the hallmarks of reliable service. It ensures that your information is only privy to the service. Therefore, no third party should have access to your details, under no circumstances. It goes without saying that instructors do not recommend seeking the services of schoolwork assistance.

However, every student is cognizant of the fact that numerous factors may hamper them from writing their own work. Customwritings, for instance, is one of the services a student can turn to for assistance in such predicaments. In such a case, reaching out to such a service is meant to be a discreet affair. disappointed me further in this regard.

Before I employed their services, I was well aware of the consequences of not having confidentiality upheld. Therefore, I went ahead to look at what other clients had said about this concern. As mentioned above, none of the customwritings reviews mentioned any breach of confidentiality. When they did, the information was somewhat contradictory. I was not sure which review to regarding and which one to discard. It then made sense for me to find out for myself.

The reality dawned on me as soon as I provided my details as I placed the order. Customwritings had promised that the details would only be privy to the service itself. I was then surprised that the writer assigned to my task could also access the information. It was a breach of the anonymity policy, which had made me convinced that my confidentiality would be upheld strictly.

When you reach out to customwritings, you are not only subjecting yourself to poor service but also the possibility of others finding out about your transaction. It is, therefore, difficult to be confident that other third parties do not have access to the information as well. Employ customwritings at your risk, which might include heavy penalties from the university.

How Bonus System Works on

Customwritings reviews provided an avenue to understand how the bonus system works. The aim is to lure in more clients through testimonials of the perks and incentives. It is meant to encourage you to do business with them loyally. As I write this review, this is simply another ploy to maximize their profits. You, therefore, need to review the policies keenly to ensure that you do not fall prey.

Customwritings claim to offer a 15% discount on the first order that you make on their service. In my experience, this was never the case. I ended up paying the full amount despite raising the request with the support team. I initially thought that there might have been a mix up for my eligibility. Unfortunately, customwritings was simply upholding its infamous reputation. It was slightly demotivating as financial relief is always welcome as a student.

Before I wrote this review, I checked out other customwritings reviews that would possibly shed more light on my predicament. As you would expect, there was no mention of any other client being ineligible to the perks and incentives. Therefore, I wrote this review for the potential clients to be wary of the service that they are about to employ.

Payment Methods are Hard or Broken: Unreliability

The internet is full of fraudulent services that look to prey on unsuspecting victims. The case becomes dire when online transactions are involved. It is, therefore, rather essential for you to review the payment channels that any service offers. Your money might not be the only thing that is at risk. Your identifiable information is also at stake. Your review, hence, needs to be thorough to save you the unimaginable trouble if things go wrong.

I conducted a comprehensive review of the various payment methods that are recommended by customwritings. The options they offer on the website seemed trustworthy. As a matter of fact, I had used some of them in previous transactions.

Things took a tumble on my last order. I got on to place my order, and everything seemed to be in order. As usual, I ensured that I made a thorough review of the details in the order. Soon after, a writer was assigned to my task, and all I had to do was make the payment as the final step. No sooner had I made the payment did I realize that I was charged double for the order. All my attempts to resolve the issue with the support team at customwritings have thus far been futile.

Money Refund is Pretty Hard: Remain Cautious

The pattern seems to be rather clear with customwritings. Whereby the information that they present and what really happens are two totally different things. When you review the customwritings website, they indicate that there is a criterion for requesting your money back. These include.

  • A specified window to request for your money back after customwritings has delivered the task
  • A comprehensive explanation as to why you are requesting for your money back
  • Evidence that you have downloaded the work before submitting the request. This last part can be determined from their end.

All these parameters sound reasonable as the company must minimize the risks of losing its money.

In my case, I had met all the requirements to request my money back. To my utter shock, my request has been denied incessantly. I contacted the customwritings support team to enquire why I was ineligible. The responses I received were rather vague and irrelevant. I went ahead to request for a review of the application, which was also unsuccessful.

It is rather shameful that a service such as customwritings that prides itself in professionalism would stoop to such lows. As a client, I was completely dissatisfied with the quality of the paper they delivered to me. Even after following the money-back policies, that I took time to review, they were adamant of giving me a refund.

At the end of the day, customwritings only conceded in rewriting the paper other than refunding me the money. This was not in consideration of the time that I had indicated earlier. This entire back and forth from customwritings nearly cost me the whole course due to late submission. I find it necessary to write this review to ensure that you can save yourself the hassle that might fall into your hands with this service.

Don’t Order Your Papers Here: Not Worth It

Suffice it to say, turning to customwritings for assistance in your schoolwork is undoubtedly not worth it. It is equivalent to jeopardizing your education wit nothing to gain in return. There is plenty of risks involved with this service, as this negative review demonstrates.

For starters, the quality of the work is mediocre at best and miserable at worst. The writers are not proficient in their job. Customwritings relying on non-native speakers to handle the tasks are already alarming. It means that, by default, you have to contend with numerous errors in your task. This review already shows how this is detrimental to your education. There is no point in seeking assistance only to review and redo it yourself later.

Furthermore, you risk getting a paper that is plagiarized from top to bottom. As a student, it is a good enough reason to steer away from customwritings. This not only risks penalties from your university but also expulsion. Plagiarism is outright theft making this completely unprofessional from customwritings.

Your issues will also not be addressed with urgency. The support team will be frustrating to deal with. They do not respect your time. All that matters to them is getting clients and filling up their pockets. Customwritings is not dependable, to say the least.

Just as important, the doctored customwritings reviews further tarnish their reputation. It is fraudulent and, to an extent, unethical. Deliberately omitting any negative review is part of the reason why customwritings not reliable. If you are looking for quality and professional assistance, is undoubtedly not the route to take.

Reasons to Choose Other Writing Services other Than

In conclusion to this review, I would like to highlight the reasons that have brought me to this length. They include the recurrent issues I kept facing in constant frustration. You should not trust for the following reasons.

  • The customwritings website is not as user-friendly as they make it to be. You will struggle to get some basic tasks done on the site. Navigation might also be problematic when you need some key features that are either non-existent or defunct.
  • The writing team at customwritings is simply unprofessional. Your work may require tonnes of revision before you are fully satisfied with the final product. You may even have to do some of the work yourself.
  • The support team is extremely slow when it comes to communication and customer support. When you get the responses, there is a likelihood that they will not be satisfactory. Furthermore, the dull tone from the staff is arguably unprofessional.
  • The methods of payment are justifiably questionable. You run the risk of either losing your money entirely or paying more than once for the same order.
  • The bonus policy at customwritings is nothing but a farce. You will not be eligible for the perks and incentives, as indicated on the website. Even after you review your eligibility, you might still end up short-handed.
  • You are not guaranteed to receive your money back if you make the request at customwritings. They will send you in circles until you have given up on your legitimate claim.

This review should be deterrent enough for you to reconsider customwritings as a viable option to seek assistance. There are plenty of alternatives to this service that can deliver reliable quality. Do not waste your time and money for a mediocre service. Customwritings is not what they claim to be. This review illustrates the fact vividly.

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