Academized Review 2020

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Academized Review 2020: Is This Writing Service Legit or Scam?

What are the red flags of a fraudulent writer in the academic writing industry? This is a common question that students who are seeking a writing helper for the first time tend to ask. After getting writing help from various platforms, I know that it’s not easy to find a legit writer who is also a specialist in that discipline. Several unreliable ones have cropped up, and is one of them. What makes this site untrustworthy? For starters, they fail to meet the highest standards of credibility.

Content written by their writers is not well researched, and references are not added correctly. Information about how long academized has been in the writing industry has not been disclosed publicly or on the website. This makes it hard to determine the credibility of the site.

A writing platform that has been in this business niche for a while and has worked on several papers, all with good reviews, tends to show that they are legit and focused on helping students. However, a shoddy site will fail to disclose this information. This can be taken as a sign that they are simply running a scam.

Besides, if indeed, was running a legitimate business that provides academic writing help, they would have a high Alexa rank and disclose publicly how long they have been in the content writing niche. A top-ranking implies that many students are frequenting the website, which is not the case with this organization as it has a lower rank.

The ideal way to know better if it is a popular website that provides academic assistance is to compare it with other sites. For instance, Upwork has a higher Alexa rank as compared to academized. This goes further to prove this writing site is not reliable or a favorite for learners from across the globe.

They also lack apps, which is another excellent way to determine a writing site’s credibility. A writing platform that has downloadable apps, especially those obtained from app stores, is a great indicator that it is indeed a site worth trusting as it allows clients to connect with their writers. If a client is still wondering, is academized legit? Then lack of downloadable apps is another great sign that it’s not reliable.

Security is a crucial factor that students look for in writing site. In fact, some learners are afraid of asking for writing assistance because they believe their personal information might fall into the wrong hands. This is a legit concern because paying for an order on a vulnerable platform increases the chances of identity theft and financial fraud. It’s not a coincidence that most reviews point out that the website has no additional security.

They claim to have a secure SSL encryption that ensures safe service. However, that is the only step they have taken to guarantee complete confidentiality. Additional security would have made the platform safe, and clients would not have to worry about the safety of their own data. To know more about, I read the content posted on their website. The company makes many promises, including:

  • To offer strong academic writing help for various tasks such as essays, dissertations, research papers, term paper, proposals, case studies, book reports, coursework, and many others.
  • To assist students from all academic levels, be it those in high school, pursuing a Ph.D. program, masters, undergraduate, college, or university.
  • Keep the cost down by offering the best prices in the market. Academized writers also provide free features such as title page, plagiarism report, bibliography, outline, and formatting.
  • Limitless amendments that are done for free.
  • Guarantee 100% privacy for all customers.
  • Academized offer a money-back guarantee and have no hidden charges.
  • Offer lifetime discounts for loyal customers and first-time discounts for new clients.

While all the benefits and guarantees look amazing, they are only meant to lure customers into making an order. After completing the order process and making payments, the writers deliver poor quality, and that’s where the frustration starts. Before asking a writer to handle a task, I usually read samples. The ones written by academized writers were below the current standards expected in most educational institutions. The citation used in one example that I checked was wrong, and the paper also failed to follow the correct essay structure.

Although customers tend to complain about the quality which does not match that particular academic level, most of their time, their complaints are ignored, and the support team does not reply to any of the posted testimonials. Therefore, a student that hopes to use writing assistance to craft papers that will help excel in academics should avoid as it will fail to meet the set expectations.

Handing in well-written content is especially important if the task adds marks to the end of the semester grade. Besides, an essay that is crafted exquisitely teaches more about that topic and helps a student to grasp how to cite information written by scholars in that subject matter.

A good paper is also a great tool for studying material that will make it easier to ace an exam and to understand the right way to structure academic papers. It’s also a way to improve a student’s research skills. Therefore a student will benefit the most when he or she opts to avoid scammers like and instead hire a reputable premium specialist.

Another feature that this writing site has that students might be tempted to order is the editing services. A professional editor comes in handy when a paper has to be crosschecked for errors and even plagiarism. Even learners that have extensive research and writing skills may opt to write complete their assignments then hire an expert proofreader to weed out any mistakes.

Relying on an editor or proofreader from this site is likely to result in disappointment as the company does not specialize in hiring experts with an impressive resume. Submitting substandard papers tend to result in bad grades, which means the student may be forced to retake the course resulting in a wastage of money and time.

The greatest weakness of writers from this organization is the lack of adequate knowledge and extensive writing experience. By failing to hire native English writers who also have experience of drafting academic papers fast, clients end up re

Academized reviews from different sites indicate that this company is not genuine. While it was good when it started over the years, it has acquired many bad criticisms relating to their service. They lack consistent delivery, tend to miss urgent deadlines and take so long to make amendments. I was surprised by the negative reviews because I had previously ordered various tasks from the platform, and all were done to perfection.

To prove that the reviews given were not biased, I decided to make an order for a 15-page research paper. The instruction I gave included a college-level essay, double spaced, APA referencing style to be completed within 72 hours. While I was not a first time client on academized, which meant I wasn’t eligible for the 15% discount offered to newcomers, I was still able to get the 5% lifetime discount given to those whose order is 15 pages long.

I noticed that this writing company was no longer the dependable one I knew a few years back. The problem started when I asked the writer for the progress of the task, which they did not give. So I contacted the academized customer support who replied after three hours saying they would look into the matter. No sooner had 24 hours elapsed when the writer reached back, saying the instructions I gave for the paper were hard to comprehend, and if they were to write the piece, I was expected to pay an extra amount.

Right then, I knew the statement “we complete even complex task” was not true. The instructions that I specified were simple and clear, so it’s disappointing to know that a writer who claims to have extensive writing experience was unable to comprehend them.

I kept waiting hoping that the writer would deliver the written content. I was constantly checking my email and academized account, hoping to see a well-written research paper. Still, I did not. 1 hour after the original deadline had elapsed, I received a notification that my essay was completed. I quickly downloaded it and was shocked to find the first paragraph full of grammar errors. I immediately requested for a revision but was further disappointed as only a few sections had been altered.

I passed the content through a plagiarism checker, and 60% of the text was plagiarized. Since they did not deliver on their promise to maintain the high quality, I asked for a refund. Even after the support agent messaged me to choose another writer, I did not because I had wasted a lot of time, yet I never receive complete satisfaction.

With this academized review, students from across the globe will understand how the platform is unreliable, which in turn saves the trouble of being scammed.

A Simple yet Confusing Website Design

Have you ever come across the well-built website that was also confusing? The design of the academized website is simple, makes proper use of colors to ensure the relevant information pop-outs, and covers the appropriate topics related to academic assistance. However, it’s also overcrowded with a lot of information, which makes navigation tricky. Reading through all the posted content would take a lot of time, something which most students don’t have.

Overall, academized has a simple but non-usable website. There is so much information on the homepage alone such that the design elements quickly get in the way of the written content. This makes great content hard to find and consume. The website looks like it was designed many years ago, and since it does not factor in the short navigation time that most customers prefer, it’s safe to assume the design is not made with a student in mind. The crammed content makes the website look too busy.

Another wrong thing with the academized website is that there are a lot of tabs at the top. Around 13 buttons are squeezed at the top, and they include the services, samples, prices, reviews, Extras, FAQ, discounts, and contact us as well as about us section. The chat now button is also placed at the top, which comes in handy when I wanted to inquire about the price quote.

By scrolling through the website, I realized that there is also another live chat button located on the left side section of the homepage. Clicking on order now button or proceed to order all lead to the order form, which requires the client to give details pertaining to the task they want to request.

To enhance communication, the writing company has included a phone number that customers can use at any time to reach their representations. The contacts are placed both at the top and bottom of the page. The terms of use, money-back guarantee, and privacy policy are also positioned at the bottom section.

Students that prefer other means of communicating with can choose multiple options such as email or social media. I give thumbs up to the website section that mentions all the services offered and the price section, which lists the various cost for urgent orders as well as those with extended deadlines. Apart from writing services that cover technical subjects like math and statistics, they also offer proofreading, copywriting, rewriting, and editing.

A Simple Order Process for Luring Unsuspecting Customers

The ordering procedure is completed in a few minutes because it’s straight forward. Every step is easy to understand and implemented to ensure the students completes the order process. When making my first order on, I had to finish five steps:

Set the requirements. This involves selecting the type of paper I wanted the writer to work on, maximum word count, expected delivery time, spacing, whether single or double and paper format. Some of the citation styles covered are Harvard, Turban with footnotes, Chicago, APA, and MLA. The subject area, such as architecture, theatre, business, economics, political science, sociology, engineering, medicine, or any other, has to be stated.

Share extra details. This step is to ensure that the academized writer has all the requirements needed to craft a custom paper. In this section, clients are advised to describe the task or assignment in detail and attach any additional resources given in class by a professor. There is an upload tab where the student can add extra class material.

Chat with a writer. Clients that want a preferred writer have to pay an additional fee of 10% of the total order. While this service allows students to chat with the specialists, the fact that the writer has no profile picture makes it challenging to know precisely whether it was assigned to that person.

Receive notification once the paper is done. Clients that order from are encouraged to download the completed task as it is ready to use. However, they fail to allow the student to stay in charge of the writing procedure. But instead, one is allowed to ask for the progress of the task.

Get a paper that results in excellent grades. This is entirely not true as a recent academized review explains that some of their writers have been known to submit low-quality content that ends up costing a student a good grade.

For the academic level section, a learner has to choose a high school, doctoral, junior, which is mainly for third years, senior for a fourth year, a sophomore for a second year, a freshman for first-year college students or masters. The price for a basic one-page essay is around $12.99, which is a bit high as compared to other dependable writing helpers that have been in the industry for many years. fails to accommodate students with low budgets, which implies that they care more about more than offering credible academic assistance. Besides, although the order cost is a bit high, it does not equate to the quality expected. As a result, students rarely get value for money.

Incompetent Writers Who Are Also Non-Natives

While completing the ordering process, one thing that astonished me was the fact that a student has to pay an extra fee if they want the task to be worked on by a UK writer. Based on the order summary, a US writer is free, while a UK writer costs an additional charge of 10% of the total amount for the order.

Considering that boast of hiring native English writers, it’s hard to fathom why one would be more expensive than the other. Do they imply that a UK writer is better than a US writer hence more costly? I reached out to the support team to inquire why a UK writer is more expensive, and the answer I got was far less satisfactory.

The ideal way to check the competency of the writers was to find out the procedure one has to go through before they are allowed to be part of the team. That way, I was able to create a truthful review that students can count on. For starters, the writer has to present a resume that showcases their area of specialization and academic qualifications. Next, they have to complete a writing test within 24 hours. The test is to verify the writers writing skills, grammar, and ability to follow all instructions and compose plagiarism-free papers. If the writer meets all the requirements and performs well on all the tests, then they are hired and put on a 90-day probation.

Despite having strict hiring procedures for writers, it’s only good on paper because the nonnative writers do not meet the high expectations expected by students and the institutions in which they are to submit the written tasks. In fact, several academized reviews given by former employees confirm that the service tends to hire cheap Russians with inadequate writing experience and less impressive command of the English language.

Writers Rarely Make Amendments

Writers from academized writing sites are often hesitant to do revisions because they believe they produce good writing at all times. But what if a client needs an urgent correction? Will the writer do it? Rarely do the writers do a thorough writing job, and even when a student request for amendments, the writer takes such a long time to complete. This leaves a student frustrated.

Every academized review that I read, the main thing that stood out is that customers tend to complain that the writers don’t take the revisions seriously hence end up doing shoddy work. This translates to dissatisfaction and a lower loyal customer rate.

Plagiarized Papers are Common Occurrence from These Writers

The service states that they focus on submitting plagiarism-free papers. However, this is not true because two of the essays I ordered on different occasions all showed some sections were plagiarized. The writers failed to paraphrase correctly, and even the in-text citation added was not from a scholarly resource. Had I not used a plagiarism checker and instead submitted the content directly from the writer, I would have gotten penalized or worse expelled from the university.

In most educational institutes, plagiarism is considered a serious ethical offense that often affects the credibility of a scholar. Additionally, any student that submits unoriginal content may be forced to retake the course, get a low grade, or experience permanent expulsion. Therefore, before handing in an essay written by a writer from, its best to check the work for any plagiarism. Ensure the content submitted is 100% unique.

Unlike other professionals that deliver original content, this writing platform rarely starts a paper from scratch and even goes as far as selling pre-written assignments. While they have editors, they are not tasked with the responsibilities of checking uniqueness. Instead, a student has to pay an extra amount if they desire editing or proofreading of the paper.

So students that have a tight budget should not take chances by allowing writers from academized sites to work on any academic task because they deliver plagiarized papers after the specified due date. Instead, look for writing services from other reliable sites who use experienced English natives to write original content.

Unprofessional Customer Service

Despite having several communication channels, they have terrible customer service. The support agents are slow and keep customers waiting for too long. This is one of the main reasons why reviews are so negative. For instance, a student complained of having been put on hold for over 45 minutes while another stated that the support agent was very rude. It’s impossible to give complete customer satisfaction when the support agents are unprofessional and fail to provide prompt solutions.

Excellent customer service is seriously lacking in this organization, and my experience with confirms that. It all started after I realized that I had made double payments for an order. Using the listed contact number, I called, and after a few rings, a female support agent answered.

Without even any greeting, the individual asked what the problem was. I carefully explained about the extra money I had sent to their account and asked if they could refund it. The support agent said they would look into it, and then she hung up. After a few days, I decided to try a different approach and use the chat option available on the academized website and sent a message explaining the issue I had for the second time. I believe an automated machine replied to the message because the answer given was even related to the problem I had.

After several attempts this time via email, the support agent apologized for the lengthy response and told me that the money would be credited in my account within a few days. I have been waiting for several months, and I honestly believe that reviews that report this company as a scam are accurate. They make customers wait for too long both on the phone and via chat. They also lack manners and display rude, discourteous behavior.

Use Fake Testimonials to Lure Clients

Do you know that a big portion of students use testimonials to judge whether a writing service is legit or not? The website has taken advantage of this by dedicating a whole page to testimonials. Most of these declarations are false and are only used by the company to lure in students who haven’t done deep research on their writers. A simple look at their website shows that customers give the writers a rating.

But the puzzling part is that the academized writers have completed very few orders yet the company claims to have started a decade ago. For instance, their number one writer has only completed 39 orders and has been awarded a rating of 4.6/5. Even those with a high score of 5/5 by clicking on their profile, I realized that almost all of them have zero orders in progress.

If they are such good writers with high ratings and many positive testimonials, shouldn’t they be in high demand? Unless the zero-order in progress status is a way for academized owners to lure unsuspecting students who end up paying high prices for top-rated writers only to end up receiving poor quality. So it is safe to assume that the visibly posted testimonials from different students are fake.

Confidentiality Not Guaranteed-Students Can Be Penalized By the University

Providing confidentiality is mandatory for online writing service. Some students have become victims of identity theft, which shows just how widespread scams have become. As a result, students want an assurance that unwanted parties will not access their data. What academized does is to ensure that every student that makes an order on the platforms first has to click on the agreement policy, which encompasses the money-back guarantee, privacy policy, terms of use, and cookie policy.

By reading the privacy policy, I realized that this company collects a lot of personal data such as contact information, location, how the client interacts with the website, and payment transactions. They also confirm that they might provide the data to third parties.

This action, together with the fact they only have a single security procedure for their website, further confirms what other reviews had to say about confidentiality: it’s not guaranteed. The reviews reveal that it’s easier for the order to be tracked back to the student and the writing site. No student wants their professor to find that they acquired writing help from an online expert in that course as it results in bad consequences.

The chat board available on is also not regulated as support agents can ask a student to divulge their private details so that they can check the order process. This further puts a student at risk of fraud activities. Therefore, this platform is not secure enough to ensure that a student’s data always remain confidential.

Billing details should be kept away from prying eyes. That is why full confidentiality is paramount and a major aspect that students should use to judge a writing site. Lack of strict measures that ensures privacy to customers should be seen as a red flag as unauthorized people can get hold of a client’s private data.

A Bonus System to Fool Students

Writing an authentic academized review involves doing extensive research even on areas that affect the prices. This writing company has interesting discounts that are rarely implemented and only looks good on paper. The bonuses are divided into three main categories and are strategized to motivate a student to make bulk orders. The first is a 5% lifetime discount offered to students who order a total of 15 pages at once.

The second is the 10% lifetime discount given to students who request a total of 50 pages at once. The final bonus is for clients that order 100 pages in total from which they receive a 15% lifetime discount. This review on discounts and bonuses looks too good to be true. Since I had reviews of customers who had obtained substandard papers before I committed to ordering a very long order that cost a lot, I first decided to contact their support agents.

The answer I got was not even related to the lifetime discounts because the agent encouraged me to take advantage of the 15% discount given to first-time customers as it helps lower down the cost considerably. Since most of the academized reviews that I come across spoke negatively about the quality that these writers produce, I knew that the bonuses were not worth it. I was better off not ordering the long academic projects just so that I could receive the lifetime discounts.

Not All Payment Methods Are Accepted has various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American express. To make it easier for a student to make the payment, they also accept a wide variety of currency, including dollars, Sterling pounds, Euro, Canadian dollar, and Australian dollar. However, they fail to accept PayPal, which is a renowned payment option used by many students from across the globe. By not adding this popular digital payment method, they are limiting sales because some students view it as a convenient and secure option. So when they don’t find it, they opt to go to another writing platform.

When it comes to payment, security is a primary concern for most students. By allowing clients to purchase an order using a familiar payment gives them confidence that the site is secure. One review that I came across while doing research online was from a student who stated that the reason why he gave the service a low rating was that he could not use the online payment option desired. This means it’s hard to make payments, especially when a student lacks the preferred payment options. If they are a legit business, they will make the payment gateway their priority by including all options that appeal to target customers.

It’s Hard to Get Refunds

Knowing that I could get my money back if the paper delivered wasn’t that impressive is one of the qualities that I look for in a writing helper. Unfortunately, the refund policy leaves a lot to be desired. When the paper doesn’t turn out as the student expected, the writers will take a long time to revise it. This is because they have inadequate knowledge on the topic hence would barely grasp what needs to be changed.

They refuse to offer refunds because they believe it affects how fast they gain profits. Besides, the writers that they employ are cheap, which further maximizes the company’s profit. If they don’t want to offer a refund, they should compose content that surpasses a student’s expectation and that which adheres to the education standards currently in place. Academized reviews supported by different sources confirm that despite the several complaints made, the company simply refuses to make the necessary changes that can return the service to its former glory.

Most students who have tried to get a refund and failed. Yes, states that they have a money-back guarantee. However, even when a customer has valid reasons to request a refund, such as late delivery and inferior quality, the idea of a full refund is not entertained. Instead, the student is allowed to ask for unlimited revisions, but the quality will not improve.

Even when a client tries to explain to the support why they deserve a refund, most cases the admin will intervene and state that after the paper is delivered, the money-back guarantee becomes null and void. reviews speak of a company that cares more about money that giving satisfactory writing help. It’s no wonder they have less loyal clients and even lower customer satisfaction rates.

Don’t Order, Look Elsewhere

Several academized reviews point out how incompetent this service is. Students that are still not convinced by negative testimonials should go ahead and order from the writing site. By placing an order, a student will be able to verify the bad quality and unprofessionalism of the whole team.

As a way to extort more money, a student is required to pay an extra 30% of the total order price to get assistance from a top 10 writer or cough up an additional 25% to hire a specific premium writer. As compared to other renowned, reputable writing helpers, this site charges a price of $21.99 for a plagiarism report, which is expensive.

So should a student place an order on the platform? Of course not. This academic fraud should be a no go zone for students, and that is where this latest review comes in. Their prices are very high yet fail to match the high-quality expected. They rarely meet deadlines or craft content according to a client’s specifications. Refunds are seldom given, and revisions do not improve the bad quality that was offered by the star. Even customer support is slow and of no help, which goes to prove just how incompetent the whole team is.

No need to get scammed when plenty of reviews have clearly stated that the writers fail to assist students in meeting their academic goals. Students that are considering placing an order to check the quality of papers are better off spending their money on other writing sites that deliver on their promises.

A Recap on Reasons to Avoid This Writing Service at All Cost

Writing assignments come in all sizes and from different topics. Students have a hectic schedule that they rarely have time to complete a challenging task. Others are encountering the subject matter or citation style for the first time.

To help submit flawless content on time, most opt to hire experienced specialists from a reputable site. It doesn’t matter whether a student has written the assignment and got stuck in a specific section; premium writers are always accessible and ready to assist.

However, several fraudulent writing services choose to hire nonprofessionals with English as their second language, all to maximize their profits. is one such scammer. This is a site that cares less about a student’s performance or credibility; that is why they are likely to offer plagiarized texts that are also full of grammar mistakes.

The incompetence doesn’t just stop there. The support team is equally unprofessional, rude, and slow to respond to a customer’s issues or complaints. While they have provided multiple communication channels, the support agents keep customers on hold for long, and sometimes they take days to respond to emails or chats. Not cool at all.

Its frustrating issues that motivated me to write this comprehensive and updated academized review to warn students about this fraudulent site. It’s not just the quality that is bad. The site is not secure, the money guarantee policy doesn’t work, and the confidentiality policy is shoddy. No one deserves to lose money and time just because they are seeking writing help.

Several reputable and professional writers specialize in specific subjects that can be reached round the clock. Hopefully, this review has served its purpose and made it easier for a student to decide that this is indeed a fraudulent site. As a result, you should never entrust your writing needs to them.

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